Breakthrough Stocks Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Breakthrough Stocks.

I discovered Breakthrough Stocks through a presentation featuring Louis Navellier, a renowned tech stock investor who says his service provides stock recommendations with “10-bagger potential” with limited downside risk thanks to his unique Quantum Scoring formula.

These are some fairly bold claims, but I was curious so I decided to check it out.

Basically, it’s a $1,999 service that gives you 12 months access to Louis’ hand picked small cap technology stock recommendations. Along with detailed insights and other resources aimed at helping you grow your wealth within a relatively short period of time.

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That said, Breakthrough Stocks is a legitimate service and even though it costs almost $2K, could be worth joining depending on your goals and circumstances. So let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how it works, to help you decide if it’s worth joining.

What Is Breakthrough Stocks?

Breakthrough Stocks is a monthly investing advisory service headed up by Louis Navellier of InvestorPlace. The main focus of the service is small cap tech stocks that Louis says have the opportunity to 5X or even 10X your wealth within several years.

Of course, making those types of gains sounds exciting, but it goes without saying that small cap stocks, especially tech stocks, can be incredibly risky.

So you need to limit your downside exposure…

And that’s one of the unique aspects of the Breakthrough Stocks service.

According to Louis, he uses his proprietary “Quantum Scoring formula” to help limit the downside risk that comes with this type of investing. He says he’s developed and refined this formula over a period of 40 years, and that by joining the service you can take full advantage of it.

How does his formula work?

According to Louis, the formula he uses to find these winning stocks has two main parts:

  • The quantitative formula and;
  • The fundamental formula

In order to determine the “quant score” of a given stock Louis’ says his system scans the market of over 5,000 stocks and narrows it down, based on historical data, to just a handful of stocks that he thinks could based on both quantitative and fundamental analysis.

He doesn’t go into much more about the specifics of how his formula works, because he says it’s proprietary. But he does explain how you can benefit from it, as others already are.

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What are small cap stocks?

Small cap (AKA small capitalization) stocks are just stocks that have a market capitalization of typically between $300 million and $2 billion.

Market capitalization just means the amount of money that’s been put into a given stock. The more money invested into the company’s shares, the higher the market cap.

The good thing about small cap stocks is that they have huge upside potential. So if you pick the right one, the upside can be massive, way higher than 10X.

The downside is it’s inherently very risky. It only takes a relatively low amount of selling to trigger potentially massive losses within a short period of time.

So in other words, small cap stocks can be highly volatile.

That’s not a bad thing if you know what you’re doing. But it does increase the risks and it does mean you’re far more reliant on Louis Navellier to be right. And not just right, but actively analyzing the market and sharing his updates with you in a timely manner.

Who’s Louis Navellier – Real Investing Guru?

Louis Navellier
Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier is a professional investor, leading money management guru, and the man behind both the Breakthrough Stocks service.

He also works with a popular financial publishing company called InvestorPlace, that publishes many different newsletters and advisory services.

According to Louis’ InvestorPlace profile page, he has over 35 years of experience as a savvy stock picker, and is an unrivaled portfolio manager.

In fact, he’s one of Wall Street’s most renowned growth investors and according to the New York Times, an icon among growth stock investors.

Throughout his career, Louis’s goal has been to uncover Wall Street’s inconsistencies and help investors beat the market with less risk.

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Over the years, Louis’ stock investment tips have helped tens of thousands of investors, so he must be doing something right. Especially considering that some of his newsletter services have been credited with outperforming the S&P 500 by 6-to-1.

As a result of his success, and the value he shares with people, Louis has established one of the most exceptional long-term track records in the investing space.

So I think it’s pretty clear that he’s a legitimate investing guru.

He’s been doing this for over 35 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He’s also been featured on Fox Business News and CNBC, not to mention he is often quoted by The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and Bloomberg.

And it seems as though many people speak highly of his newsletters, as well as his highly acclaimed book (The Little Book That Makes You Rich) and his fund management company, Navellier & Associates – which manages billions of dollars.

How Does Breakthrough Stocks Work?

The main benefit of joining Breakthrough Stocks is getting access to Louis’ monthly newsletters, which provide you with detailed investing insights, stock picks and updates.

The cost of joining the service is $1,999 per year, and the basic idea is to signup to the service on the InvestorPlace website and start taking advantage of Louis’ recommendations.

On top of the core monthly issues, you also get access to other resources aimed at helping you create wealth with Louis’ small cap tech stock recommendations.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get as a member of Breakthrough Stocks:

  • 12 monthly issues of Breakthrough Stocks: Each month, subscribers receive a new issues of Breakthrough Stocks, which outlines a new stock idea and detailed insights into Louis’ investing strategy. Louis says the research he shares here has helped him make hundreds of millions for his clients over the last four decades. And that his stock picks could double, triple, or even 10X your wealth.
  • Stock alerts: As soon as Louis recommends buying or selling, subscribers get an instantaneous alert sent to their email inbox, cell phone, iPad or other mobile device. 
  • Monthly position updates: Louis keeps you informed about changes to any recommendations he makes on a monthly basis to keep you informed.
  • Member website: Subscribers get access to the Breakthrough Stocks members-only website which hosts current issues, flash alerts, the Position Tracker, and more.
  • The Breakthrough Stocks Model Portfolio: All of the stocks Louis is currently recommending are available for you to view in the model portfolio. Including his guidance on whether you should buy, hold or sell each recommendation.
  • Bonus report: A special report entitled “5 Small Caps Set to Soar 5,000%” with links to Louis’ 5 top-rated small-cap recommendations.

Also worth mentioning is that, a member of Louis Navellier’s Breakthrough Stocks, you get access to a private member login and access to a dedicated customer service line.

Is Breakthrough Stocks a Legitimate Service?

Yes, Breakthrough Stocks is a legitimate service.

It’s run by Louis Navellier, a real investing guru with a proven track record of success. And even though the service does cost almost $2K, you get a lot of value for that.

And according to Louis, his recommendations have helped followers make considerable gains over the years. So it’s possible it could help you make your money back many times over.

Not to mention, InvestorPlace is a legitimate financial publishing company that has been around for many years and is behind some of the most popular and well-regarded services in the industry.

That said, there are no guarantees that you’ll get rich just by signing up. In fact, there are no guarantees you’ll make any money at all. Because even though I do believe it’s a legitimate serice run by one of the best in the business, nobody can predict the future.

So, as with anything, it pays to understand the risks involved before rushing in. And decide for yourself if the risks are worth taking based on your own unique circumstances.

Bottom Line

Breakthrough Stocks is a monthly investing advisory service headed up by Louis Navellier of InvestorPlace. The main focus of the service is small cap tech stocks that Louis says have the opportunity to 5X or even 10X your wealth within several years.

It’s a legitimate service, and could be worth joining depending on your goals and circumstances, but at the same time, I wouldn’t rush into it expecting to get rich quick.

And as I mentioned earlier, small cap tech stocks can be incredibly risky. So even though the upside potential is high, it’s also possible to lose your money within a relatively short period of time given how volatile these can be.

Either way, what you decide to do is up to you.

I’m not affiliated with Breakthrough Stocks or InvestorPlace, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to join, or not join, the service. My aim was just to share my opinion, which hopefully helps you make a more informed choice either way.