Chris Rowe’s Sector Focus (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Sector Focus.

I discovered Sector Focus recently while on the True Market Insiders website. And according to Chris Rowe, the man behind it, the service helps you take advantage of lucrative opportunities within various market sectors.

In short, Chris believes you can greatly increase your chances of success just by choosing the right sector, and for $168 you get 12 months worth of insights and recommendations aimed at helping you choose great stocks and ETFs within sectors he has personally vetted.

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That said, I do think Sector Focus is a great service, and it could be worth checking out depending on what you’re looking to achieve. So let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how it works, so you have a better idea of what to expect incase you do decide to join.

What Is Sector Focus?

Sector Focus is a weekly e-letter service headed up by Chris Rowe of True Market Insiders.

The main idea behind the service revolves around choosing the right market sectors to invest in, and then selecting a winning stock or ETF from there.

Because Chris believes that choosing the right sector (group of companies in the same industry) to invest in is the secret to success. And this is a view shared by some of the most notable investing experts in the world.

Like Thomas Dorsey for example, who founded Dorsey Wright. He famously estimated that 80% of the reason any stock does what it does is because of the sector its in.

So Chris Rowe uses his knowledge and experience to determine which market sectors have the most potential before doing anything else.

Then, and only then, does he identify the strongest sub-sectors within these and finally, selects what he believes are the stocks and ETFs with the highest upside potential.

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The great thing about this approach is that it has the potential to limit the downside potential of a given stock pick. Because if you’re investing within the boundary of a strong sector, it’s a lot harder to go wrong.

It can also increase the upside potential significantly because, as Chris explains, sector analysis can give you clues about large investors’ likely future actions. Which could allow you to take advantage of large amounts of capital entering a given sector.

Of course, actually identifying the winning sectors, and the assets within them, is no easy task. It goes without saying that you really need to know what you’re doing, otherwise you’re just guessing at what sector you think is worth entering.

And that’s where Chris Rowe and his Sector Focus service comes into play. He says that sector investing is the easiest and smartest method for investing in the stock market and that his service can help you take full advantage of this unique method of investing.

Who’s Chris Rowe – Real Investing Guru?

Chris Rowe is a market analyst, former money manager, and the main contributor to the Sector Focus service.

He’s also the non-executive chairman of True Market Insiders, the financial publishing company behind the Sector Focus service and other popular services like and Sector Prophets.

Prior to working with True Market Insiders, Chris worked for investment banks and high net worth individuals in the 90’s, and helped clients build wealth for over 20 years.

According to the True Market Insiders website, he eventually got tired of Wall Street and began publishing financial newsletters. One of which was called Tycoon Publishing.

So he’s definitely one of the more experienced investing gurus out there, and from what I can see he has an impressive track record of success. He also works with other industry experts like Costas Bocelli to provide the insights found in the Sector Focus service.

How Does Sector Focus Work?

The main benefit of joining Sector Focus is getting access to the Sector Focus e-letters each week that contain new trade ideas and in-depth research and analysis from Chris Rowe and team.

And unlike most services I’ve reviewed over the years, you don’t just get a breakdown of the trade ideas they give you. You also get useful insights that you can use in your entire investing program.

So it’s a great resource to educate yourself on the concept of sector investing, learn which sectors Chris is interested in, and get specific trade ideas you can take advantage of.

On top of that, subscribers get access to a once-a-month video called Featured Sector of the Month. This is where Chris and Costas focus specifically on one of the 41 sub-sectors of the stock market they’ve identified, and provide a high-probability trade idea.

To get started, you just need to visit the True Market Insiders website and signup to the service for $168, which gives you 12 months access.

Is Sector Focus Legit?

Yes, Sector Focus is a legitimate service.

It’s a real investing service that’s aimed at helping you take advantage of lucrative sectors within the stock market. And it’s designed for investors of any level.

Not only that, but it’s run by a real investing guru with a 20+ year proven track record of success in doing what he’s sharing with you in the newsletters. Which I think is really important.

I also think they’re offering a fair amount of value for $168.

I’ve reviewed many similar services over the year that charge a lot more than this. So this is something virtually any investor can afford to join.

On the same token, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get rich just by signing up. And, as with anything, I do think it pays to understand the risks involved before rushing in.

And in this case, the joining fee isn’t very high, so most of the risk comes into play if you follow Chris’ recommendations and things don’t go according to plan. Which can happen since nobody can predict the future of any market, regardless of which sector it’s in.

Bottom Line

Sector Focus is a weekly e-letter service headed up by Chris Rowe. The service is all about learning how to choose winning sectors, and then narrowing down to the individual stocks and ETFs you like from there. And of course, Chris shares his specific ideas with you as a member.

On one hand, Chris Rowe is an investing expert with years of experience, so this service could be a great way to invest in profitable market sectors.

On the other hand, there are risks involved and nothing is guaranteed.

So I wouldn’t expect to just signup and get rich without properly educating yourself. Just because Chris is an expert, doesn’t mean everything he recommends is going to make you money.

Either way, what you decide to do is up to you.

I’m not affiliated with Sector Focus or True Market Insiders, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to join, or not join, the service. My aim was just to share my opinion, which hopefully helps you make a more informed choice either way.