Daily Flash Cash Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Daily Flash Cash.

I discovered Daily Flash Cash through the Money Map Press website. The man behind it, Tom Gentile, says the service can help you make $1,000’s per day.

He says that he releases a brand-new recommendation each day the market is open, that can make you up to $4,325 in as little as two hours.

Is it the real deal?

Tom Gentile does make some bold claims, but he’s a real trading guru. And Daily Flash Cash is a legit service provided by a well-known financial publishing company, Money Map Press.

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That said, Daily Flash Cash could still be worth checking out depending on your circumstances and what you’re looking to achieve, so let’s take a closer look at how it works.

What Is Daily Flash Cash?

Daily Flash Cash is a trading service headed up by Tom Gentile of Money Map Press. The aim of the service, according to the Money Map Press website, is to give you “everything you need to build a fortune” with the help of Tom’s unique trading method.

Tom Gentile is cited by Money Map Press as the best pattern trader in America and runs a number of trading services. This, however, is his most expensive one. It costs $5,000 per year which gives subscribers new trade recommendations each day the market is open.

Trades that, according to Tom, could quadruple your bank account in a single week and help you make up to $4,325 in as little as two hours.

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These are fairly bold claims in my opinion.

But Tom is a successful trader with decades of experience.

So he is no doubt making the kind of money he’s talking about. And as a subscriber of the service, you get to see which trades he’s interested, based on his unique style of pattern trading.

Which is all about daily charting patterns rather than fundamentals.

Because according to Tom, economic fundamentals just don’t correlate with stock prices like the used to. So he developed a system for making money regardless of the fundamentals. One that he says can work regardless of your skill level or previous trading knowledge.

How Does Daily Flash Cash Work?

Daily Flash Cash is a trading advisory service, so the main idea is to join and follow Tom’s trade ideas to (hopefully) make the kind of money he talks about.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed.

But according to Tom, his system is based on daily “flashpatterns” which allow him to take advantage of quick movements in the market, and turn that into profit. Whether the market is going up, down or sideways.

And on top of daily trade ideas, you also get access to some training and regular insights from Tom, to help you develop your trading skills and learn how his system works.

Here’s an overview of what you get if you join:

  • Training: As a member, you get access to Tom’s three-part training series to help you learn the system and see how he makes money from his daily flashpatterns.
  • Trades list: Similar to a model portfolio, members get access to a detailed list of the day’s most lucrative flashpatterns.
  • Updates: This is bread and butter of the service. As a member, you get daily trade recommendations that Tom says could make you money in a matter of hours.
  • Weekly Live Trading Sessions: Each week, Tom provides members with a Live training session to help educate you on how his system works.
  • The Daily Flash Cash Network: Member-only chat room to share insights and learn from others who’ve joined the service.
  • Events: As part of the membership, you get access to “Daily Flash Cash Meetings” and other events where Tom can present his ideas in a more personal way.

How much does it cost?

The cost of joining Daily Flash Cash is $5,000 which gives you a full 12 months worth of access to the service. And this is non-refundable.

Who’s Tom Gentile – Real Trading Guru?

Tom Gentile
Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile is the man behind Daily Flash Cash, among other services, and he’s a professional trader with more than 30 years of experience.

Tom got his start in 1986 while living in his parents basement, he’s basically a self-taught millionaire. And after years of learning and experience, he became known as “America’s number one pattern trader” (AKA pattern day trader).

A pattern trader is someone who places four or more trades during a five day period, within a margin account.

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And Tom has mastered this, which is why many refer to him as an expert in the field. But he’s also known for developing some of the most technologically advanced trading systems in the world. Which is why many of his programs involve his unique software.

Not only has he helped many people who have joined his programs, but he has been featured on many reputable networks over the years such as Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business.

So, long story short, Tom Gentile is a real trading guru.

And he works with a company called Money Map Press, which is one of the most well-known and respected companies in the financial publishing space, so I think that’s a real credit to him.

Bottom Line – Is Daily Flash Cash Worth It?

Daily Flash Cash is a trading service headed up by Tom Gentile of Money Map Press, that aims to give you “everything you need to build a fortune” using his daily flashpatterns.

On one hand, it’s a real service provided by an investing guru with a track record of successful trading. So it may be worth checking out if you have a spare $5,000 and like the idea of short-term trading where you can be in and out of trades regularly.

On the other hand, I would take some of the claims with a pinch of salt. And I definitely wouldn’t rush into this expecting to get rich quick, or without understanding the risks involved.

As with any trading method, there’s always a chance you could lose money. So even though I don’t consider this a scam, that doesn’t mean everyone who joins will make lots of money.

It’s important to understand that this is not a get rich quick thing, nobody can guarantee you’ll get rich, or make any money at all for that matter, by joining the service.