Early Stage Trader Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my Early Stage Trader review.

I discovered Early Stage Trader while searching for different ways to fund an early retirement, and this sounded promising. According to Jeff Brown, the man behind it, he’s figured out a simple method for finding early-stage tech investments that crush the market.

And he provides numerous examples of successful investing ideas he’s shared with subscribers over the years. Like 793% on NewLink Genetics, 4,546% on Anaptys Bio and 10,032% on Blueprint Medicines. One subscriber even said he made a whopping 54,000% annualized gain.

Anyway, long story short, I decided to take a closer look into Early Stage Trader and what I found was that, despite some bold claims, it’s actually a legitimate service.

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As I mentioned though, Early Stage Trader is a legitimate service. So let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how it works, so you can make a more informed choice about joining.

What Is Early Stage Trader?

Early Stage Trader is a trading service run by veteran trader Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research, and it’s devoted to delivering fast returns from small tech stocks.

Jeff says he uses his years of experience to target tiny tech stocks that are on the verge of explosive growth, which can help you profit in days instead of years. And it’s designed to work regardless of your current skill level as a trader.

Of course, it’s easy to make lofty claims about something.

Whether or not it actually works as promised is an entirely different thing. Which is why we need to look at Jeff’s track record with the Early Stage Trader.

Here are the gains he says subscribers of Early Stage Trader have enjoyed:

  • 585% on Clovis Oncology
  • 741% on Agios Pharmaceuticals
  • 768% on Regenxbio
  • 793% on NewLink Genetics
  • 884% on MyoKardia
  • 939% on Esperion Therapeutics
  • 1,008% on Bluebird Bio
  • 4,546% on Anaptys Bio
  • 9,125% on Five Prime Therapeutics
  • 10,032% on Blueprint Medicines

These are quite impressive gains, but at the same time, nobody makes consistently high returns on all of their trades. So these almost certainly the outliers.

Any successful trader will tell you that there are plenty of losing trades too, so it’s important to consider how well the service performs overall, and over the long term.

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The good news is Jeff does provide a breakdown of how well his active trade recommendations are performing inside the members area, and as I will explain shortly, he does have a very impressive track record. Especially when it comes to investing in small tech stocks.

So there’s definitely some exciting potential here.

But at the same time, I do think it’s important to consider the potential risks involved. Because, regardless of the individual service or “guru” behind it, there’s always a chance you could end up losing money. That’s just the way it is – there are no guarantees.

That doesn’t make it a scam or anything, but I do think it’s worth pointing out that not everyone who joins Early Stage Trader is going to make lots of money. Trading is very risky.

Who’s Jeff Brown – Real Investing Guru?

Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is the man behind Early Stage Trader and other services like The Near Future Report. He’s also a technology expert, entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years of experience.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, and a Master of Science in management from London Business School, he moved onto gaining first hand experience within the tech industry in a diverse range of fields.

According to his Brownstone Research profile page, he has worked with companies specializing in broadcasting and video technology, technology infrastructure, semiconductors, mobility tech, IT networking and more.

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Not to mention, he’s an active angle investor that has helped build over 100 early stage tech startups and ran companies that have made hundreds of millions of dollars.

All of which has made him uniquely qualified to identify and share some of the best and most unique opportunities within the tech investing world.

And that’s what he does with Early Stage Trader. He looks for trends that he believes could be game changing, before they go mainstream and the stock price goes way up.

Is he the real deal? Yes, Jeff Brown is a legitimate investing professional. He’s been doing this for almost three decades and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. And many people speak highly of him, so I believe he’s legitimate and someone who shares a lot of value.

How Does Early Stage Trader Work?

The main benefit of joining Early Stage Trader is getting access to Jeff Brown’s stock ideas on a monthly basis. For $5,000 you get access to 12 monthly issues of Early Stage Trader and each contains a new trade idea and an in-depth breakdown of the company.

On top of this, you get access to a bunch of resources to help you become a successful trader.

For example, you get weekly updates and alerts to help keep you updated, access to a list of current recommendations, and bonus reports aimed at helping you profit right away.

It does depend on which page you join through as to which bonus reports you get, but as of writing this the default bonus reports are “Early Stage Trader Manifesto” and “Power Plays: Everything You Need to Know to 10X Your Deals.”

And if that wasn’t enough, members also get access to some basic training and instructions on how to execute the trade ideas Jeff brings you. So you get everything you need to take advantage of Jeff’s trade ideas, as well as insight about each idea if you want to learn more.

Is Early Stage Trader Legit?

Yes, Early Stage Trader is a legitimate service.

At $5,000 it’s far from cheap, but if Jeff’s track record is anything to go by, and if the many testimonials I’ve seen are true, then it could be worth every penny.

That said, I definitely would not rush into this expecting to get rich quick.

Regardless of who’s running a given service, what type of companies they’re investing in, and what strategies they’re using to trade, nobody can predict the future.

People lose money in the markets every single day, so while there is some exciting potential here, I do think it’s important to consider the potential downside too. And the 90 day guarantee on offer only gives you a credit to use on other services, so once your money is gone, that’s it.

Bottom Line

Early Stage Trader is a trading service run by veteran trader Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research, and it’s devoted to delivering fast returns from small tech stocks.

On one hand, Jeff Brown is a well respected trading and investing guru with decades of experience and a proven track record. So, even though it does cost $5K, with the type of gains he’s touting, his service could be a great way to profit from small tech stocks.

On the other hand, investing is risky. Especially when it comes to small tech companies. Many of these companies end up failing because it’s such a fast paced, rapidly evolving space with loads of competition. So even though the potential is high, it can also be super risky.

Either way, what you decide to do is up to you.

I’m not affiliated with Early Stage Trader or Brownstone Research, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to join, or not join, the service. My aim was just to share my opinion, which hopefully helps you make a more informed choice either way.