EZ Money Team Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of EZ Money Team.

I came across this system after receiving an email about it, which more or less stated that I could make an extra $500, $1000, or even $5000 per week using a “fool proof system.”

That email took me to a “classified page” which contained a video. Long story short, I was curious, so I decided to take a closer look, and what I found was really quite shocking.

But before we get to that, I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be recommending this. Because unlike the many fake reviews out there, I’m not secretly promoting this system.

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In any case, let’s take a closer look at what EZ Money Team is and how it works, so that you know what to expect incase you do decide to join.

EZ Money Team Review: What’s It About?

EZ Money Team is a website that claims to help you make fast, easy money online.

The site claims to provide you with a “fool proof” method of making $500 to $5,000 per week on autopilot. From the moment you land on the site, it’s all about how much money you can make and how quickly it is going to fall into your lap just by pushing a few buttons.

That, in and of itself, is a bit of a red flag.

I’ve been scammed so many times I’ve lost count over the years, before finally figuring out how to (actually) make money online, and in that time I’ve figured out some of the main tell tale signs of a scam. And unfortunately EZ Money Team has quite a few of them.

Let’s take the very first page you land on for example…

We’ve talked about the “get rich quick” claims already, and as I said that’s the first red flag. But there are others you should be aware of, too.

For example, they use a video clip of a news anchor talking about working from home, as well as some logos of news networks such as ABC, Fox News and CNBC. And they do this for the purpose of making the system appear more credible.

Problem is, this system has never been featured on the news. That is a generic news clip and those logos are simply copy and pasted onto the site.

The other red flag worth mentioning is the fake countdown timer.

The site uses a timer at the bottom of the page, and on subsequent pages, to make it appear as though you need to act fast or else time is going to run out. It won’t. Simply refresh the page and it resets, so this is an easy one to prove.

To be fair, none of this makes the program itself an actual scam.

But when you start adding these things together, it doesn’t make me trust it very much. But let’s take a closer look at how it actually works, to figure out if it’s worth joining or not.

How EZ Money Team Works

So far we’ve looked at the red flags present on the main page of the site, but what happens as you start to dig deeper and actually join the program?

Well, the first thing you see when you type your name and email into the box is this:

This is basically a page that congratulates you that you’ve confirmed your spot in the system. And after about a minute of watching a video with text and a voice overlay of someone called “Jeff,” you see a button popup that takes you to the EZ Money Team order page.

This is where everything has been leading you towards. Jeff, or whoever is really behind this, wants you to give him $37 to join the system.

Because he says that in doing so you will get access to a special money making system that can easily make your hundreds or even thousands of dollars each week.

But is that what really happens when you buy?


Because there’s no such ting as a get rich quick system.

What you really get is access to some basic training about making money online with affiliate marketing, which is where you get paid to promote other companies products.

In and of itself, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model where you earn commissions promoting other companies products. This is actually what I do myself, so I know it works.

So, as a member, you might learn a thing or two and maybe even make some commissions.

But I personally doubt this system will help the average person make the kind of money he talks about in the sales video. It’s appears to be very basic and not a “plug and play” method of making $5K per week as he suggests.

EZ Money Team Upsells

If you do decide to join EZ Money Team, it’s important to understand that the costs don’t stop at $37. There are some rather expensive upsells (extra products) pitched to you immediately after joining and long after you join.

Upselling is quite common in the online world.

I can count on one hand the amount of programs out there that don’t try to sell you more stuff immediately after buying, it’s very common and doesn’t always make something a scam.

However, the upselling with this program is a little different.

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As a member, you get something called “VIP Coaching.” Which at first might sound like a good thing. Surely getting coaching from someone will be helpful, right?

I’m not so sure.

Because in this case, your “coach” is more like a telemarketer who’s job is to convince you to buy more stuff. The general idea is to get you in the door for $37, then pitch you higher and higher priced programs after joining. This is how they make their money off of you.

To be clear, upselling doesn’t make something a scam, as long as it’s done ethically and the products are actually worth buying. But when the whole thing is about just selling you more and more, and more, stuff… I personally think it’s a different story.

Is EZ Money Team a Scam?

On one hand, EZ Money Team isn’t a scam because you do get access to some training as a member on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

As I mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model where you earn commissions promoting other companies products. But you need proper training and tools to be successful with affiliate marketing, otherwise you can actually end up losing a bunch of money.

Especially if you’re a beginner who’s just getting started online.

So even though I don’t think it’s an outright scam, the problem with this system is in how they lead you to believe making money is going to be super easy and fast. Like all you need to do is signup and watch the money pour in. And that’s just not the reality of how it works.

I’ve been making a full time income online for years now, and while it’s not hard, I can safely say that success doesn’t happen overnight or at the push of a button.

In any case, I believe there are much better options out there for setting up an online business, especially if you’re a beginner and just want a proven system that actually works.

Pros of EZ Money Team

  • It only costs $37
  • You do get some training

Cons of EZ Money Team

  • The sales material is a bit misleading in my opinion
  • There’s excessive upselling involved after buying
  • I’m not convinced that this is the best system for making money online
  • It doesn’t look like it’s possible to get a refund if you’re not happy

Bottom Line – Should You Join EZ Money Team?

EZ Money Team is a site that claims to help you make fast, easy money online.

But despite some of the claims made, I personally doubt that many people are actually making life changing money with this system. In fact, it’s more likely people are losing money when you consider the upsells.

In any case, whether or not you join EZ Money Team is something only you can decide.

On one hand, you might be able to make some money as a member, so I won’t call it a total scam. But on the other hand, I won’t be recommending it. I only recommend programs I believe in and that give beginners the best possible chance of real online success.

Whatever you decide, I hope you found this helpful.