Flash Rewards Review (Legit or Scam?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Flash Rewards.

Flash Rewards is a site that claims to reward you with gift cards to complete various “simple tasks” such as playing games, completing surveys and completing trial offers.

According to the website, all you need to do is complete four offers to earn a $100 gift card from popular companies, which include Amazon and eBay for example.

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Don’t get me wrong, Flash Rewards may be legit, because there are real sites that do reward you for doing the sort of tasks they mention. However, there are some red flags with this site that do raise some concerns. In this review, I’ll show you what you need to know.

What Is Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards is a rewards site that offers users gift cards for completing various tasks such as playing games, completing surveys and completing trial offers.

The basic idea is to signup, start completing the tasks they give you and once your account reaches the required earning threshold, submit a claim to receive your reward.

The rewards you can earn vary, but the main thing you can earn, according to the website, are $100 gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, eBay or VISA.

They say it only takes one day to earn your reward, which seems cool, but they also mention that it takes up to three weeks to process your claim. So, at best, assuming everything they are saying is real, you’ll be waiting a while before you get paid.

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What sort of tasks do you need to do to get paid?

The types of tasks vary, but like most rewards sites, it mostly involves completing simple tasks for sites they’re partnered with. For example, filling out surveys, playing games, watching videos, participating in lottos and signing up for trial offers.

Here’s a snippet taken from the website:

Discover some of our amazing partner deals such as games, mobile apps, subscription products and services, financial services, lotto’s, jackpots and many more. Claim these deals and earn your gift card reward!

Source: flashrewards.us

This may seem strange, the idea of getting paid to complete such simple, easy tasks. But there are many legitimate sites that pay you to complete such offers.


Because they are affiliated with the sites that you complete these tasks and offers on.

So when you fill out surveys and play games etc.. the companies they’re partnered with pay them because they are collecting valuable market research data.

And when you sign up for offers on sites they’re affiliated with, they earn commissions for sending leads to these companies.

And in many cases, they earn commissions if you decide to stay on and continue using (ie paying) for the service. Which happens a lot because people who join these sites often forget which sites they’ve joined and end up with all kinds of charges on their credit card.

The Problem With Rewards Sites (Even Legit Ones)

As I’ve explained, the concept of paying people to complete offers is something real sites do, so even though it seems to good to be true, in and of itself, this is a real thing.


The income potential on sites like this, even legit ones, is VERY low.

It is never, and I do mean never, as good as many of these sites claim. They make out like you’ll earn $100 in a day and that all you need to do is play games… but that’s not the reality.

In reality, you end up spending a LOT of time completing endless amounts of surveys, playing this game, clicking on this ad, signing up for this and that offer… and at the end of it all – you’re stuck waiting weeks just to see if you’ve been approved to get your reward.

So, at best, you end up spending days or even weeks completing offers, just to earn a very small amount of money. And many of these sites will try to avoid paying because of some meaningless discrepancy, kind of like a sketchy insurance company.

And again, that’s the rewards sites that aren’t total scams.

Is Flash Rewards a Scam or Legit Rewards Site?

It’s hard to tell if Flash Rewards is legitimate or not.

On one hand, there are lots of negative reviews out there for this site. Basically saying that you’re sent down a rabbit hole, completing all sorts of tasks, and never actually get paid. Which is exactly how the scams in this space operate.

On the other hand, there are a good number of positive reviews out there. Some even say they’ve made as much as $750 from the site. So I guess there’s a chance it’s legit.

Just know that (literally) anyone can post both negative and positive reviews online. So it is not uncommon for scam sites to pay people to provide fake reviews.

So I guess, at the end of the day, you need to decide for yourself. What I can say, however, is that there is a risk in joining Flash Rewards, aside from just not being paid.

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What am I talking about?

Well, when you first signup to the site, you are required to provide a fair bit of personal information. They require your full name, phone number, address, D.O.B, email and they even ask for your gender. This is a LOT of personal information to be giving a random website.

And, while I’m not saying this will happen, the risk is that your information could be shared or sold to third parties – some of which could missuse your information.

This happens a lot in this space.

In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons sites like Flash Rewards exist. To share and sell their users information with third party sites for a profit.

Bottom Line

Flash Rewards is a rewards site that offers users gift cards for completing various tasks such as playing games, completing surveys and completing trial offers.

On the plus side, it is possible to earn money completing simple tasks, and there’s no hard proof that Flash Rewards is a scam site. So this could be worth checking out.

On the other hand, even legit rewards sites are (mostly) a total waste of time in my opinion. Because you end up spending a lot of time to earn a very, very small amount of money. On average, you’d be lucky to earn $1 per hour.

And that’s assuming the site is legit.

If it’s a scam, you’ll end up doing all that work for nothing. And worse, your information could even be sold to third party sites, which would result in virtually never-ending spam.

So, for these reasons, I personally don’t recommend these sites.

That’s me though.

Whatever you decide, I hope you found this review helpful.