Fry’s Investment Report Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Fry’s Investment Report.

I discovered Fry’s Investment Report after receiving an email from the man behind it, Eric Fry, who says he can show you how to find the next big 1,000% winners in the stock market.

Which sounds good, but is it the real deal?

Well, I decided to take a closer look to see what I could find. Because anyone can make bold claims, but whether or not they actually deliver is another story.

Anyway, what I found was that Fry’s Investment Report isn’t a scam. It’s a legitimate advisory service published by InvestorPlace and edited by Eric Fry, that gives you access to Eric’s investment insights and top stock picks for $49.

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Eric does share some great insights to help you succeed though. So let’s take a closer look at what the service is about and how it works, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What Is Fry’s Investment Report?

Fry’s Investment Report is an investment newsletter subscription published by InvestorPlace and edited by Eric Fry. The main benefit of joining is getting access to Eric’s monthly newsletter, where he shares his investing strategy and top stock picks with subscribers.

For the most part, Eric focusses on what he says the safest ways to make massive returns on things like 5G and other emerging trends in the stock market.

Which seems to have paid off, Eric says he’s made roughly 60 investment recommendations in which folks could have made 500% gains or more if they followed his advice.

He also talks about how many of America’s richest families are using the “Law of Accelerating Returns” to compound their wealth and that he’ll show you how to get in on these deals too, to help you find the next big 1,000% winners.

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Which is an exciting prospect, especially considering Eric Fry’s track record of success. But it’s important to understand that not everyone who joins Fry’s Investment Report is going to make lots of money. Regardless of the individual service or who’s behind it, there’s always risk involved in speculating in the stock market.

Unless you’re an expert investor with years of experience, you’re basically hoping that Fry’s Investment Report will lead you to the promised land, so to speak.

I’ve purchased my share of investment newsletters over the years and invested in what looked like “sure things” at the time, only to lose roughly 90% of my entire investment within a few short months. So I know from experience that nothing is ever guaranteed.

That’s doesn’t mean Fry’s Investment Report isn’t worth joining.

Not at all. In fact, I think Fry’s Investment Report offers a great deal of value. I just think it’s important to be realistic and not rush into something expecting to get rich quick, or without understanding the risks involved.

How Does Fry’s Investment Report Work?

The way Fry’s Investment Report works is pretty straightforward. The idea is to signup for either $49, $79 or $129 (depending on which subscription option you choose) on the InvestorPlace website, which gives you access to the following:

  • Monthly Newsletter: On the second Friday of each month, Eric and the team at InvestorPlace send you a newsletter via email, which is basically a detailed report outlining his latest stock recommendation, some info on why he recommends it, and what’s going on in the market.
  • Model Portfolio: This portfolio includes every stock on Eric’s “buy now” list. He tells you what he recommends buying, at what price and when he recommends selling. So you can see both present and past stock recommendations, as long as they’re still active.
  • Eric Fry Library: All of the emails you get, along with the model portfolio, are archived in the member only site. Which makes it handy to get access to everything in one place.

As you can see, that’s a lot of value for $49.

But if you decide to upgrade to the $79 or $129 subscription you get even more value.

As of writing this, Eric is offering a bonus book entitled “Silicone Valley Supercycle” which is written by Brian Hunt for the $79 subscription. And for the $129 option, you get a bonus report called Betting on the Retail Apocalypse and access to a member-only wbinar.

Either way, when you boil it all down, the main benefit of joining is the monthly newsletters that are sent to you each month that list a new stock you can invest in along with some expert insights from Eric. And the model portfolio, which shows you every stock Eric currently has on his buy list.

You also get some great training from Eric, so you know how to place trades and so forth, so it’s not just about just following what Eric is investing in. You will actually be educating yourself as a member which I think is really important.

Is there a money back guarantee?

It seems that way. According to the website, if you don’t like the service, they will give you your money back within 30 days of purchasing. So that does offer some peace of mind.

Who Is Eric Fry?

Eric Fry
Eric Fry

Eric Fry is the man behind Fry’s Investment Report. And according to his InvestorPlace profile page, he’s been very successful at investing in the stock market for almost two decades.

He started out as a professional portfolio manager specializing in short-selling and international investment opportunities.

And after doing this for over 10 years, he started developing research products geared for professional money managers.

His real claim to fame was in 2016 though, when he won “Portfolios with Purpose” which is one of Wall Street’s most prestigious investment competitions. Out of 650 of the biggest names in finance, he won the competition and was able to score a 12-month return of 150%.

So clearly, Eric has a solid track record of successful investing, he has been credited with many “10-bagger” calls, which means recommending stocks that 10X your money. And he’s even been successful on the short side of the market, which some say is even more difficult.

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Short selling is where you bet a company’s stock price will go down. And Eric has a history of doing this successfully.

For example, he profited from the dot com bubble in the early 2000s and successfully shorted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2006, before they went bust during the financial crisis.

So his insights appear to be worthwhile in any market.

These days, he works with InvestorPlace, where he shares his investment insights and stock recommendations with subscribers of his flagship newsletter, Fry’s Investment Report.

Is he the real deal?

Eric Fry is a definitely a real and legitimate investing guru. He’s been doing this for around two decades and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

His work has even been featured in publications like Barron’s, Time, USA Today and Wall Street Journal, among others. And it seems many people speak highly of his newsletters, so I believe he is legitimate and someone who shares a lot of value with people.

Is Fry’s Investment Report Legitimate?

Fry’s Investment Report is a legitimate newsletter service that aims to help you make money investing in the stock market.

Particularly when it comes to trends that could take off and net you large returns.

And Eric is known for spotting calamity in the market too, which could make it safer than some advisory services.

So I personally think there’s a lot of value on offer and, for $49, there’s not a lot of risk in buying the subscription itself in my mind. Especially not since there’s a money back guarantee.

That doesn’t mean it’s completely risk-free though, or that it’ll make you rich. As with anything, it pays to know the risks and consider the potential downside too.

In this case, the risk more comes into play if you follow Eric’s advice, and things don’t go exactly as planned. For example, if you buy a stock he recommends, and the price tanks.

In that case, you could end up losing money. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but there are no guarantees either, that’s just the nature of speculating in the stock market.

Bottom Line

Fry’s Investment Report is an investment newsletter subscription published by InvestorPlace and edited by Eric Fry. The main benefit of joining is that you get access to Eric’s monthly newsletter, where he shares his investing strategy and stock picks within the model portfolio.

I personally think this could be a great option for the right person. Especially if you like the idea of putting your money into things like 5G and other emerging trends in the stock market.

That said, investing in the stock market can be risky. Which is why I personally like to create passive income through other methods too, so that I’m not just relying on something as unpredictable as a company’s stock price going up or down.

I like knowing I have safe, reliable passive income streams coming in that I can count on – regardless of what’s happening in the stock market.

That’s me though. What you decide to do is up to you. I’m not affiliated with Fry’s Investment Report, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to buy, or not buy. My aim is to simply share my opinion and help you make a more informed choice either way.