Inbox Blueprint Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Let me start this review by stating that, unlike the many fake reviews out there, written by people who are promoting Inbox Blueprint, I actually bought this program myself.

Yes, I spent $1,497 to gain access to the program, put the time and effort into going through ALL of the training modules, and applied what Anik teaches.


So I’m actually going to provide you with a REAL and HONEST review here.

And while I may not be a “guru” who drives around in a Lambo (lol), I do earn six figures per year online with affiliate marketing (one of the main business models taught within the training). So I have a good understanding of the topics I’ll be walking you through today.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the review!

Lurn, Email Startup Incubator and Inbox Blueprint (understanding what’s what)

One of the things I remember thinking when I was first getting started with Inbox Blueprint was, what the heck is Lurn and Email Startup Incubator, and how do they fit with Inbox Blueprint? It was a little confusing, so I thought I’d start by breaking this down for you.

What’s Lurn?

Lurn is a platform designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started online and those who’ve already seen success, reach the next level. It’s almost like the Netflix of online business, where there’s some type of training or program to suite everyone.

There’s digital courses, tools and software, coaching and even live events.

And it’s not just Anik doing all the training either. He does the Inbox Blueprint course, but he also works with other experts in their respective fields, to provide the training within the Lurn platform. Some of the courses are about things like copywriting and traffic generation, while others are about things like self development.

What’s Email Startup Incubator?

Email Startup Incubator is the actual program you are buying – Inbox Blueprint is just a part of Email Startup Incubator, which includes several components.

Here’s what you get when you buy Email Startup Incubator for $1,497:

  • Access to the Lurn platform where you take the course (AKA Lurn Nation)
  • The Inbox Blueprint course
  • Launch Pad (tool that helps you build your business)

You also get some cool bonuses, which may differ depending on when you buy and which page you buy through. Here’s an overview of the bonuses:

  • Niche Detective (niche research tool)
  • List Academy (bonus course and email templates)
  • 6 Week Fast Start Program (training and part case study)
  • Lurn Masters Club (Q&A webinars)

What’s Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is the email marketing course you get as part of purchasing Email Startup Incubator. This course was created by Anik Singal, who’s an internet marketing guru, and it aims to help you make money online through email marketing.

In the next section, I’ll walk you through Inbox Blueprint in more detail so you have a clearer understanding as to what to expect before deciding to join.

Inside Inbox Blueprint – Full Walkthrough

There are basically three main aspects to Inbox Blueprint. You get training on email marketing via a series of modules which include videos and text. You get tools and software to help you build your business. And you get access to support and mentoring throughout your journey.


There’s a ton of quality training (probably days worth of straight video content) within Inbox Blueprint. And it’s all broken down neatly into eight separate modules. The aim of the course is to help you become a successful email marketer.

In short, email marketing is a process where you send people to a landing page and “ethically bribe” them with something (like a free ebook, training, or course) to get their email address.

Why would you want someone’s email address?

Because, as a marketer, it’s often (but not always) better to collect a persons email address BEFORE sending them to the offer you’re promoting, whether it’s your own product or someone else’s. Reason being, only a small percentage of people buy.

That’s just the way it works.

So the idea is that, if you have their email, you can develop a relationship with the person over the coming days, weeks, months and even years to (potentially massively) increase the amount of money you earn from your efforts.

Since a portion of the people on your email list will buy stuff you promote.

That’s the basic idea, anyway.

You learn a lot more about this in the training, along with how everything works. But to give you an idea of what’s in each module, here’s a breakdown:

  • Module 1 (Addiction Meter): This module shows you how to choose a niche which sets the stage for your entire business moving forward. Choosing a niche is important because trying to sell “stuff” to “everyone” is dumb. So Anik walks you through the process of choosing a niche in detail, to help you get your business started on the right foot.
  • Module 2 (The Bait): Module 2 is about creating your email opt-in page (AKA landing page) with that “ethical bribe” I mentioned earlier. This is just a simple one-page site that you send traffic (website visitors) to in order to collect their email address. It’s a key part of the process and with the help of the software you’re provided with it’s fairly simple to setup.
  • Module 3 (TYP Method): Once someone opts in to your email list, they are automatically added to a software called an “email autoresponder” automatically, and at the same time, directed to ANY page you want to send them to. You could direct them to the sales page for whatever you’re selling, or you could send them to a “thank you page” (TYP), which allows you to warm the person up to the offer they’re about to see, before they are sent to the sales page. And that’s what this module is all about, setting up a thank you page.
  • Module 4 (Email Machine): All of the emails you collect are stored in your autoresponder service’s account, and this is where you setup and schedule all the emails you’ll be sending to people who subscribe to your email list. This module delves into how email autoresponders work in more detail, it’s basically the “nuts and bolts” of how your email marketing business works.
  • Module 5 (Emails & List Relationship): In this module, you learn how NOT to be a spammer and how to setup your email campaigns in such a way that actually gets you results. This is super important because it’s one thing to have an email list, it’s another to earn revenue from your efforts. And the best way to earn revenue in your business, is to give people VALUE. I cannot overstate this enough.
  • Module 6 (Payday Secrets): At this point in your journey, it’s time to learn all about the “money” aspect of establishing an email list. You learn how to promote other people’s products through a process called affiliate marketing, which is how I make money online, as well as how to promote your own products. Email marketing can work with both.
  • Module 7 (Easy Traffic): Traffic is essential to making ANY money online at all. You can have the best email marketing funnel in the world, but without people visiting your pages, you won’t make a dime. So this module is all about getting traffic to your page. Anik does provide a good overview of the different traffic methods, both free and paid, but he never really goes “deep” into any of them. And considering how vital traffic is, you may need to go beyond Inbox Blueprint to learn how to get traffic depending on your experience level, which may be where some of his other courses come into play.
  • Module 8 (Unlimited Success): The final module is all about measurement and optimization. You learn how to analyze the various numbers and stats within your business, such as email open and click through rates. As well as how to optimize things like email subject lines and content, to improve your business and scale it up successfully.

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Tools (Launchpad)

The main tool you get access to as an Email Startup Incubator/Inbox Blueprint member is something called Launchpad. It’s basically a software that helps you build your business from start to finish and it’s fully integrated within the members area.

It helps you choose a niche, set up your autoresponder, choose an affiliate product to promote, create the free report you’re going to use to get subscribers and helps you setup the pages that go into your funnel. So it’s pretty comprehensive.

On the plus side, Launchpad makes it really easy for beginners to get their business rolling. You even get access to some email templates that you can customize to make your life easier. Which is good because one of the most time consuming things you’ll be doing with this business is creating emails, lots of them.

The drawback is that Launchpad was created quite a few years ago now, before tools like ClickFunnels and Thrive Leads became popular for example. So even though it’s included with your membership, I personally would prefer to create a simple WordPress site and incorporate Thrive Leads, which is actually what I do. Or you could use ClickFunnels but it’s not cheap and to be honest, not as good as a simple page builder like Thrive or even Elementor.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, don’t worry. You don’t need to know any of this stuff, you could just use LaunchPad and be done with it. But just know that there are some other options which really aren’t hard to learn to use.


I wouldn’t say the support/mentoring within Inbox Blueprint is the best I’ve ever experienced, it’s not, but it’s better than most programs I’ve tried. The email support is pretty standard, nothing special there. But you get access to weekly Q&A webinars where you can ask questions, which I think that adds a lot of value to Inbox Blueprint overall.

Who’s Anik Singal, and is He the Real Deal?

Anik Singal is the creator of Inbox Blueprint and the man who walks you through the majority of training within the course. He’s also quite a well-known internet marketing guru. According to the Lurn website, he’s generated over $100 million online and has trained over 150,000 people.

Like most online gurus, he does come across to me, at least to some extent, like someone who’s gotten where he has by being quite a clever salesman. Put simply, he’s very persuasive and is an expert marketer, which together makes him really good at selling his courses.

However, I do think he provides a lot of value to his students.

So even though at times I can’t help but feel he’s “just another guru,” he does go the distance with respect to the value he provides you with. He shares a lot of really valuable content inside the course and is someone who walks the walk, so to speak. So yes, Anik is the real deal.

Is Inbox Blueprint Legit and Worth It?

Inbox Blueprint is definitely legitimate, it’s a high value course on creating a successful online business, based around email marketing. And email marketing is an excellent method of either developing a standalone business, or improving an existing one.

Do I personally think it’s worth $1,497?

Well, the truth is I’m a little divided on that…

On one hand the course is VERY comprehensive and when you factor in all the training, tools you get access to and the ongoing weekly webinars… it’s not hard to justify the cost. If you really learn and apply yourself, then that could be a cost recover many, many times over.

Also worth mentioning is that there is an option to do 3 monthly payments of $597. So you could signup, try it out for a month and if you don’t like it, cancel. I’m not suggesting you do this, but I don’t see why that wouldn’t be an option.

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On the other hand, I personally know (for a fact) that you do not need to spend that much money to create a successful business online. Nor do you need to do email marketing. A lot of gurus make it seem like email marketing is essential, and that without it the sky will fall. They will swear to you until they’re blue in the face that it’s the ONLY way to be successful.

I disagree, wholeheartedly, and based on my own personal experience.

Don’t get me wrong, there IS a benefit of having an email list, I personally leverage email marketing in my business and 10,000’s of people have joined my email lists over the years. But I can say without a doubt that the success that I’ve seen is only partly to do with email.

Not to mention, I know of other (very) successful affiliates, that don’t even use it at all. I’m talking guys at the top of the ClickBank leaderboards (one of the largest affiliate networks online).

So, while I am definitely not understating the value of email marketing, I’m really not, it’s not the ONLY way to be successful. And you don’t need to spend $1,497 to learn how to create a successful business. Whether it has to do with email marketing or not.

I started my six figure affiliate business for less than $50 per month!

Ultimately though, what’s right for you is something only you can decide. You need to consider your personal budget and circumstances, and decide if you think it’s worth it for you.

What I Liked

  • The training (core and bonus training) is very comprehensive overall, you get so much content that it would probably take you days to get through it all. And it’s all neatly laid out in distinct modules.
  • Anik is an expert in the field of email marketing and online business, and he shares a lot of high value insights with you as a member. So he’s not just another fake guru pumping up a dud program, he’s the real deal.
  • The weekly Q&A webinars are really helpful and provide an extra level of value. They also help keep you updated on new trends and tactics, and Anik even does some webinars himself each month.
  • Launch Pad is, in my opinion, a little outdated and not as good as many of the funnel building tools/softwares out there. But it’s a great tool for beginner’s who just want a simple way to build their funnel. So it’s a fantastic resource. You even get access to pre-written emails and templates to help you along the way, although you should always be creating custom emails.
  • Probably some other stuff I can’t think of right now (lol)

What I Didn’t Like

  • The cost of the program is on the high end. I’m not saying it’s overpriced but you don’t need to spend that much to learn how to do email marketing or setup your business.
  • Traffic is critical to your success, and the training on getting traffic is somewhat limited in my opinion. Also, you are mostly shown how to leverage paid traffic. Which is great, but as a beginner, this can put you in the red long before you ever see a profit. Which is why I think learning free traffic methods is better, especially while you’re learning and developing your skills. And this isn’t really taught to any great extent.
  • The training on creating emails (as in the copywriting aspect) is limited. And with this business model, you need to be good at writing a lot of emails if you want to convert people into buyers. So you may need to purchase one of his copywriting courses to really get this aspect dialed in, or get further training elsewhere.

Bottom Line

Inbox Blueprint is an email marketing course created by Anik Singal, an internet marketing guru, that aims to help you make money online. It’s 100% legit and contains a lot of value, so if you’re interested in building your business based around email marketing, whether you want to be an affiliate or sell your own products, this is a great option.

It’s not the only option though, and I do think there are potentially better options depending on your budget, goals and the overall strategy you want to adopt. As I said earlier, email marketing is great, but you can be very successful without it, so it’s not the be all end all.

Either way, what you decide to do from here is up to you. My aim here wasn’t to try to convince you to buy or not buy Inbox Blueprint, it was just to share my opinion about the program based on my experience of joining. I hope you found it helpful!