James West’s Disruptor Digest (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Disruptor Digest.

I discovered Disruptor Digest through a presentation on the Wealthpress website, featuring Jeff Yastine and James West, who talk about a “$15 trillion technological surge” called “Sky-Fi” which is apparently making 5G obsolete.

And according to the presentation, you could potentially profit from this trend by joining the Disruptor Digest service, which costs $1,497 per year.

Is it the real deal?

Disruptor Digest is an investment advisory service headed up by James West, a well-known investing guru who shares his tech stock ideas with subscribers. It’s legit, but I wouldn’t expect to get rich just by joining and following Jame’s stock picks.

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Disruptor Digest could be worth joining though, especially if you’re interested in investing in technology related stocks. So let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how it works.

What Is Disruptor Digest?

Disrupter Digest is an investment advisory service headed up by James West.

James says he’s all about “finding the highest quality, best value, and best-run startup companies on the face of the earth, investing in them, and then telling the world about them.”

The main focus of the service is about investing in stocks that James says could be the next Tesla or Amazon, or “disrupters” as he calls them.

As a member, you get access to bi-weekly reports which outline Jame’s new stock ideas, as well as insights into the companies he’s interested in and why he’s interested in the stock.

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So it’s similar to most services I review, but it’s more geared towards investing in tech companies that James believes could skyrocket in value based on new trends in technology.

Like the current trend about “Sky-Fi” which he mentions in the presentation I watched.

Sky-Fi is all about a new internet technology that James says could make 5G obsolete and massively disrupt the telecommunications industry as we know it.

And he says that, as a member of Disruptor Digest, he’ll reveal the companies he’s interested in, that he thinks stand to gain from this trend, along with other tech stocks. For example, stocks he says are driving the autonomous vehicle revolution.

How Does Disruptor Digest Work?

The main benefit of joining Disruptor Digest is the bi-weekly newsletters that are sent to subscribers via email. These contain Jame’s insights, analysis and stock ideas which are aimed at helping subscribers profit from technology related stocks.

On top of this, members also get some bonus reports (for example one called “Sky-Fi”: The $15 Trillion Revolution That’s Crushing 5G”) which outline specific stocks James is interested in.

The cost of joining the service is $1,497 per year, or you can pay a quarterly amount of $397 if you want to give it a try before paying for a whole year in advance.

And the service is sold through a financial publishing company called Wealthpress. Which provides a number of investing subscriptions to traders and investors.

Who’s James West – Real Investing Guru?

James West
James West

James West is the man behind Disruptor Digest and other services such as The James West Letter, which he provides through the wealthpress.com website.

Before working with Wealthpress, James ran a newsletter called Midas Letter which quite popular and was all about investing in small-cap companies in the U.S. and Canada.

He’s known for providing research and insights into smaller companies, as well as things educating people on things like monetary policy, crypto and commodities.

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One of the standout things I noticed about James is that he seems to stand behind what he recommends. As in, he says he invests his own money into the companies that he recommends within the services he runs.

Which doesn’t guarantee his stock picks will be winners, because nobody can predict the future of course, but this is something I look for when deciding whether or not to follow someone’s tips.

Either way, James West is a real investing guru, and from what I can see his services are legitimate and provide subscribers with a lot of helpful insight.

Bottom Line – Is Disruptor Digest Worth It?

Disrupter Digest is all about investing in companies that James believes could benefit from technology related trends. He says he doesn’t specifically recommend anything, but rather shares the companies he’s investing in himself.

I think if you like the idea of making money off of potentially high growth tech stocks, and learning from someone like James West who’s been doing this stuff for decades, then this could be a worthwhile service if you have the $1,497 joining fee, and capital to invest.

That said, I wouldn’t join thinking it’s a way to get rich quick.

Even though there’s potential with the service, nobody can predict how well Jame’s (or anyones) stock picks will play out. So there are no guarantees.

And the reality is that, as with any service, some who join may not make any money at all, or might even end up losing money. That’s just how this sort of thing is.

Either way, whether or not you join is something only you can decide, but hopefully this article helps you make a more informed choice either way.