Jeff Zananiri’s Joy Of The Trade: Scam or Real Deal?

Hello and welcome to my review of Jeff Zananiri’s Joy Of The Trade.

Over the past several years, I’ve been researching and reviewing different trading and investing services, and I recently stumbled across a guru named Jeff Zananiri.

He runs a website called Joy Of The Trade and it seemed interesting, so I decided to look into it and share my thoughts about it because it seems fairly popular.

Read on to learn more about Jeff Zananiri and his site, Joy Of The Trade.

What Is Joy Of The Trade About?

Joy Of The Trade is a website that provides free blog content about trading and investing. It’s headed up by trading guru Jeff Zananiri who says he’s been a successful trader for many years.

One of his most noteworthy accomplishments, according to the website, is how he and a small group of traders turned $5.1 million in seed capital into over $700-million. And he also says he went 10 years without having a single losing quarter. Which is quite impressive.

So he’s basically a trading guru who shares lots of helpful content on his site – Joy Of The Trade. The site seems to be regularly updated and provides insights from himself and other experts he works with like Roger Scott.

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Anyway, there’s a way you can subscribe to receive updates and insights from Jeff on a regular basis. I did subscribe, but I am yet to receive an email from him. But I’m guessing the emails are a way for him to share helpful content, both within the emails and by sharing his blog posts.

As with most sites, he also shares links to trading services he recommends.

So even though much of the content Jeff shares is free, he does promote some paid services too. For example, Jeff works with a financial publishing company called Wealthpress, and heads up a service called Link Trade Profits (AKA The Money Link).

This service costs $1,497 for 12 months, and according to the presentation, the main idea behind the service is to help you make large gains trading what Jeff describes as “money link” opportunities that are “based on mathematical fact with 96% confidence.”

He might be part of other services too, but this is the main one from what I can see.

Who’s Jeff Zananiri – Real Investing Guru?

Jeff Zananiri
Jeff Zananiri

Jeff Zananiri is a Wall Street guru who says he has spent over 20 years making consistent money in the market.

His main claim to fame, at least from what I can tell, is his work with Pan Capital, where he and a small group of traders turned $5.1 million into over $700 Million. And during that time he went 10 years without having a single losing quarter, which is an impressive feat.

He’s also says he’s worked for some of the most well-regarded firms on Wall Street as an investment banker, including First New York and Schonfeld Securities.

There’s not a whole lot more information out there about Jeff, but from what I can gather he is a real trading and investing guru with a successful track record.

And he works with WealthPress, a popular financial publishing company, to deliver the Link Trade Profits service, as well as share his insights in the WealthPress and Joy Of The Trade blog.

Bottom Line – Is Joy Of The Trade Legit?

Joy Of The Trade is definitely legitimate.

I mean, it’s really just free information on a blog, so you could hardly call that a scam. And even though there are promotions involved, that doesn’t make it a scam either.

That doesn’t mean that everything Jeff recommends is going to make you money. There are no guarantees when it comes to trading or investing.

But I don’t think Jeff or his website is a scam.

And as I mentioned earlier, he works with a company called WealthPress which is a popular financial publishing company that provides a range of trading services.