Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my Hidden Alpha review.

I discovered Hidden Alpha after watching an online presentation featuring Joel Litman. In the presentation, Joel talked about a “stock x-ray machine” that he says helps him identify winning stocks. And that, as a member of Hidden Alpha, he’ll reveal these to you.

Is it the real deal?

Yes, Joel Litman is a real investing expert. And Hidden Alpha is a legitimate subscription service he runs that provides members with investing education, market insights and stock picks.

Like anything though, there are some drawbacks to consider.

So in this review, I’ll show you what Hidden Alpha is about in more detail, and share some of the pros and cons of the service, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What’s Hidden Alpha and How Does It Work?

Hidden Alpha is a subscription service developed by Joel Litman of Altimetry, that’s aimed at helping members create a lucrative stock portfolio.

At the core of the service are Joel Litman’s monthly stock picks.

Which, according to the Altimetry website, are “large-cap stocks whose profits and earnings are hidden from Wall Street and the mainstream media.”

For $49 per year, you get access to 12 monthly newsletters which contain a fresh stock pick for the month. Stocks which Joel says he selects based on his unique five step process.

Step one is about analyzing global trends to get an idea of what’s going on within the overall market. That way, Joel has a solid macro thesis from the get go.

Step two is where he compiles a list of all the different companies that he and his team think are worth looking at more closely.

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Then, in the third phase of the process, Joel leverages his Stock X-Ray machine (special software tool he developed) to grade the stocks anywhere from A to F.

Steps four and five is where he and the team at Altimetry choose the best of the bunch. And once they have the winning stock ideas, Joel shares these with subscribers of Hidden Alpha.

How much can you make with Hidden Alpha?

There’s really no limit to what you could make with a service like Hidden Alpha. If you pick the right stock, at the right time, and put a decent amount of capital into the trade, you could potentially do very well for yourself.

According to the Altimetry website, subscribers could see gains of between 100% to 500% over time. Which could be quite a decent payout depending on the size of your investment.

At the same time, however, there are no guarantees. So, as with any type of investing, some people might not make any money at all, or even end up losing money.

How much does Hidden Alpha cost to join?

The cost of joining Hidden Alpha is only $49 per year.

Keep in mind, however, that you will also need money to invest with. And how much you choose to invest with is really a personal choice that nobody but you can decide.

However, I typically only invest what I can afford to lose, as this has served me well over the years, through the ups and downs that come with investing.

Who Is Joel Litman?

Joel Litman
Professor Joel Litman (view source)

Joel Litman is an investing expert with an eye for the details.

Before becoming a well-known investing guru, he was a skilled forensic accountant. So his speciality has become trawling through the data to find discrepancies between what companies on the stock exchange claim to be making, and what’s more likely the case.

This, from my understanding, has allowed Joel and his team to successfully pick both undervalued and overvalued stocks over the years. Which, needless to say, is a priceless skill when it comes to making money as a stock market investor.

He brings this skill with him to his role as CEO of Valens Research, his work as Chief Investment Strategist for Altimetry and shares his insights with subscribers of Hidden Alpha.

So, long story short, Joel is a real investing guru and someone who shares a lot of value with subscribers. He doesn’t just give you a bunch of stock picks, he provides worthwhile insights as part of the service which could really help you become a better investor.

Is Hidden Alpha the Real Deal?

Yes, Hidden Alpha is a real and legitimate service.

It’s a real advisory service that aims to help subscribers make money through the stock market. And I personally think that for $49 there’s quite a lot of value on offer.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make money though, or that it’s completely risk free. As with any type of trading, there’s always a chance you could end up losing your money.

So I think it’s important to understand the downside potential too, and know that no matter how legitimate something is, nobody can guarantee you’ll make lots of money.

In my view, understanding this is key.

Because otherwise you might join with the wrong expectations as to what to expect, thinking it’s a way to get rich quick, which it’s not, and end up disappointed.

On the flip side, if you join understanding the risks and that it’s not a get rich quick program, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you’re able to learn and achieve over time.

Bottom Line

Hidden Alpha is a subscription service developed by Joel Litman of Altimetry, that’s aimed at helping members create a lucrative stock portfolio over time.

I personally think this could be a great option for the right person.

Especially if you like the idea of investing based on Joel’s proprietary Stock X-Ray Machine system, where he vets his stock ideas using a unique five step system he and his team developed.

And, let’s be real, $49 is a drop in the bucket considering what you could learn from a guy like Joel and then what you could potentially do with the information you learn.

I mean, wouldn’t join expecting to get rich quickly or anything. And of course there are risks involved. But overall it looks like a legitimate, high value service.

In any case, what you decide to do is up to you.

I’m not affiliated with Joel Litman or Altimetry, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to join, or not join. As with anything I review, my aim is just to share my opinion based on what I found, and hopefully that helps you make a more informed choice either way.