Louis Basenese’s Trend Trader (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Trend Trader.

I discovered Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader through an online ad about “Elon Musk’s Next Big Bet” on the dailytrendtrader.com website. On the page, Lou says Elon is going “all in” on a $1.32 trillion dollar market and that he’s projecting profits of up to 4,735% for early investors.

These are some pretty bold claims, but Lou is a well-known tech investing guru.

Anyways, turns out it’s all about a revolutionary new type of internet, and the stock set to benefit from it. Which Lou reveals, along with a new stock pick each month for 12 months, as part of the Trend Trader service which costs $99 per year.

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That said, Trend Trader is a legitimate, high value service provided by one of the most notable tech investing gurus of our time, Lou Basenese. So if you’re interested in making money off of tech trends, this could be worth checking out.

What Is Trend Trader?

Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader is an investment research service that focusses on technology related trends that Lou says could be lucrative once they go mainstream.

So the main idea behind the service is to learn about hot new trends, and the companies and stocks that are positioned to benefit from them, before the masses catch on.

Lou mostly focusses on technology, but the opportunities he presents to subscribers include a wide range of sectors such as 5G, pot stocks, self-driving cars and biometric authentication among others. Basically anything that Lou thinks will rock the market.

And of course, provide outsized gains for those who get in early.

As a subscriber, you get more than just stock picks though.

You also get access to Lou’s investing insights, analysis and research, which is key to learning how and why Lou picks the stocks he does.

And which could help you become a more successful investor yourself, as you deepen your knowledge in the sectors I mentioned earlier.

How Does Trend Trader Work?

The core benefit of joining Trend Trader is getting access to the monthly newsletters.

For $99, you get access to 12 monthly issues of Trend Trader, which contain a new stock idea, as well as Lou’s research and analysis, so you know why he’s picked the stock he has.

He breaks down the market, goes deep into the companies he recommends, and walks you through what stock to buy and at what price. So everything you need to know to follow his stock ideas, is all laid out within that monthly newsletter.

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On top of that, you also get access to some bonus reports. Exactly which reports depends on which page you join through, and when.

But for me, I went through the Elon Musk “super internet” pitch, which comes with a bunch of reports about making money off of what Lou says is going to be a paradigm shift in the telecommunications sector.

So, for $99, you’re getting a lot of value.

And according to the Trend Trader Daily website, you can try the service for a full 30 days and if you’re not happy with the service during that time, you can request a full refund.

Who’s Louis Basenese – Legit Trading Guru?

Louis Basenese is the man behind Trend Trader and other services (both free and paid) which are available on the Trend Trader Daily website.

Lou is a professional investor with over two decades of experience.

His background is in technology and profiting from technology related trends, so that’s largely what he focusses on helping his subscribers with, who join his services.

According to the website, Lou started out working at Morgan Stanley where he managed over $1.5 billion, before co-founding a financial publishing company called Wall Street Daily.

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From there, he founded a company called Disruptive Tech Research where he helped institutional investors profit from trends within the technology and biotechnology space.

Of course, all of this success didn’t go unnoticed.

Lou has been regularly featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and even shows like Fox Business and CNBC. So he’s a well-known and respected investing guru.

And these days he mostly focusses on helping subscribers of his service profit from tech related trends in the stock market. And based to the testimonials on his site, he must be doing something right, it seems many people are seeing success as a result of what Lou shares.

Bottom Line – Is Trend Trader Worth It?

Trend Trader is definitely a legitimate and worthwhile subscription, especially for $99, and especially considering Louis Basenese’s track record of success over the years.

So if you’re interested in learning how to profit from potential up-and-coming trends to do with tech and biotech, then this service is well worth a look.

I wouldn’t expect to join and get rich just by following Louis’ stock picks, but you do get access to his research as a subscriber, which could help you become a better tech investor. And, all going well, could help you profit from Lou’s stock ideas.

Just know that investing is risky. And it can be particularly risky to bet on tech companies that may or may not profit from a trend that may or may not eventuate. The payoff can be amazing, sure, but the risk is also higher than if you speculated on an established company.

So, even though it’s a legitimate service, and it could be well worth joining depending on your goals and circumstances, I do think it’s worth understanding that nothing is guaranteed.