Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Wealth Summit (What To Expect)

Hello and welcome to my review of Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Wealth Summit.

The Accelerated Wealth Summit is a presentation hosted by a man named Britt Herring and Louis Navellier, who’s a fairly well-known tech investor. In the presentation, Louis talks about a “wealth-building game changer” that could double your money six times in 12 months.

Accelerated Wealth Summit
Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Wealth Summit presentation with host Britt Herring

It was quite a long presentation, but also kind of interesting. And in this review, I’ll walk you through what it’s all about and what Louis is pitching.

What Is The Accelerated Wealth Summit?

The Accelerated Wealth Summit is basically just a sales presentation featuring renowned tech investor Louis Navellier, who talks about 10X’ing your wealth with his tech stock predictions.

He talks about how he uses his quant-based research and proprietary “Quant Score” algorithms to uncover stocks before they potentially soar over 1,000% or more. And he says he’s spend the past 40 years testing, tweaking, and perfecting this formula.

Basically, the idea behind quant research is that every piece of data can be measured and quantified. And that data can be used to spot patterns and similarities.

So it’s very technical in nature, and Louis says his methods have helped him generate multiple 1,000% winners over the years. And he provides numerous examples of this.

For example, he talks about Hansen Natural (HANS) that triggered his buy alert recommendation when it was just $3.29 per share. Then it skyrocketed to $40 per share before he recommended his subscribers sell.

Which apparently netted an 1,125% gain for subscribers who took advantage of it.

This means you could have turned $10,000 into $122,500. That’s quite an exciting prospect, especially since it only took a few years for that to play out.

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And there are lots more examples provided in the presentation about how you could potentially turn a small stake into significant gains, just by following Louis’ recommended stock picks.

Of course, not all of his picks are winners, but with those sorts of gains I guess the point is that they don’t have to be.

How does Louis find such lucrative stock opportunities?

According to Louis, the formula he uses to find these winning stocks has two main parts:

  • The quantitative formula and;
  • The fundamental formula

In order to determine the “quant score” of a given stock Louis’ says his system scans the market of over 5,000 stocks and narrows it down, based on historical data, to just a handful of stocks that he thinks could based on both quantitative and fundamental analysis.

He doesn’t go into much more about the specifics of how his formula works, because he says it’s proprietary. But he does explain how you can benefit from it, as others already are.

How Does Accelerated Wealth Summit Work?

Towards the end of the Accelerated Wealth Summit presentation, Louis explains that in order to get access to the types of stock recommendations he has been discussing, you need to subscribe to his service called Breakthrough Stocks.

Which is a monthly investing newsletter service that’s focussed on high growth potential technology stocks – Louis’ specialty. Each month, you get new stock ideas and a detailed breakdown of Louis’ thoughts on the companies he recommends and opportunities he sees in the market, that could help you grow your wealth.

The cost of joining Breakthrough Stocks is normally $2,495 but if you join through the link they provide below the Accelerated Wealth Summit video, you can get access for $1,995.

That’s still quite a hefty sum of money for most people.

But there’s a lot of value on offer here.

You get full access to the Breakthrough Stocks service for 12 months, access to the model portfolio and a special report entitled “Five Breakthrough Stocks That Could Soar 10X or More! ” that’s only accessible if you join through the Accelerated Wealth Summit presentation.

There’s also a couple of other benefits that somewhat reassure you that the service will be worth joining.

First, Louis says that if you join his Breakthrough Stocks service and don’t see at least six different stock recommendations go up 100% or more over the next 12 months, you get a second year of the service for free.

And second, if you join the service and aren’t happy with it within your first 60 days, you can request a refund that is paid to you in credit, to use with another service on the InvestorPlace website.

Neither of these are guarantees that you’ll make money following Louis’ recommendations, and there are no cash refunds. But it does give you some added peace of mind.

Who Is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier
Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier is a professional investor, leading money management guru, and the man behind both the Accelerated Wealth Summit presentation and Breakthrough Stocks service.

He also works with a popular financial publishing company called InvestorPlace, that publishes many different newsletters and advisory services.

According to Louis’ InvestorPlace profile page, he has over 35 years of experience as a savvy stock picker, and is an unrivaled portfolio manager.

In fact, he’s one of Wall Street’s most renowned growth investors and according to the New York Times, an icon among growth stock investors.

Throughout his career, Louis’s goal has been to uncover Wall Street’s inconsistencies and help investors beat the market with less risk.

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Over the years, Louis’ stock investment tips have helped tens of thousands of investors, so he must be doing something right. Especially considering that some of his newsletter services have been credited with outperforming the S&P 500 by 6-to-1.

As a result of his success, and the value he shares with people, Louis has established one of the most exceptional long-term track records in the investing space.

So I think it’s pretty clear that he’s a legitimate investing guru.

He’s been doing this for over 35 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He’s also been featured on Fox Business News and CNBC, not to mention he is often quoted by The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and Bloomberg.

And it seems as though many people speak highly of his newsletters, as well as his highly acclaimed book (The Little Book That Makes You Rich) and his fund management company, Navellier & Associates – which manages billions of dollars.

Bottom Line

The Accelerated Wealth Summit is a sales presentation featuring Louis Navellier, who discusses his unique quant-based method for finding 1,000% returns on tech stocks.

And if you watch through to the end, the presentation leads you towards joining the Breakthrough Stocks service for $1,995, which is where he shows subscribers how to benefit from his recommendations.

Breakthrough Stocks is definitely a legitimate service, and it’s headed up by one of the most successful tech investors in the world – Louis Navellier. So it could be worth joining depending on your goals and circumstances.

That said, I wouldn’t join expecting to get rich quick either.

Nobody can guarantee you’ll make any money at all in the stock market, let alone get rich. And it’s very much possible to lose money in the stock market, so as exciting as all of this sounds, know that there are risks involved.

Either way, what you decide to do is up to you.

I’m not affiliated with Louis Navellier or InvestorPlace, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to join, or not join, the service. My aim was just to share my opinion, which hopefully helps you make a more informed choice either way.