Oxford Swing Trader Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Oxford Swing Trader.

I discovered Oxford Swing Trader on the Oxford Club website while searching for a reliable method to make money trading.

According to The Oxford Club website, Oxford Swing Trader “applies a proprietary quantitative strategy to identify short-term trading opportunities on the stock market.”

Is it the real deal?

Oxford Swing Trader is a real trading subscription service which is run by trading guru Nicholas Vardy and The Oxford Club, a respected financial publishing company.

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That said, Oxford Swing Trader could be worth joining if you’re interested in learning how to do swing trading based on Nicholas’ unique quantitative approach. So let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how it works, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What Is Oxford Swing Trader?

Oxford Swing Trader is a trading subscription service headed up by Nicholas Vardy of The Oxford Club, which aims to help subscribers make money doing swing trading.

Swing trading is a type of trading where you place trades that can last for several days, weeks or even months. So it’s different from day trading in that you’re trading over a longer timeframe on each trade you place.

And according to the Oxford Club website, Nicholas strategy is based on his unique “quantitative investing system” which took him almost a year to perfect.

What is a quantitative investing system?

According to Investopedia, quantitative investing systems are:

… typically run by highly educated teams and use proprietary models to increase their ability to beat the market. … Quant models always work well when backtested, but their actual applications and success rate are debatable.


So it’s basically an advanced trading system used by really smart people with the aim of beating the market.

And according to The Oxford Club website, Nicholas worked with the world’s leading quantitative analysis software and consulted top experts in the field in order to develop the system.

How Does Oxford Swing Trader Work?

The basic idea behind the Oxford Swing Trader is to join the service for $4,000 and, as a member, follow Nicholas Vardy’s “hedge fund-level recommendations” which hopefully lead to a profit within your own trading account.

This includes two swing trade recommendations each week for a full 12 months, which you can leverage with either regular stocks or options depending on your preference.

On top of getting access to regular swing trade recommendations, members also receive access to the model portfolio, which shows you all of Nicholas’ current open positions, as well as trade alerts to keep you informed about what’s happening with Nicholas’ recommendations.

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Members also get access to a three-part training video, quick start guide and access to a monthly virtual meeting to discuss the previous weeks performance. All of which is aimed at helping subscribers develop their trading skills and use the system successfully.

Of course, there are no guarantees you’ll make money.

Trading is risky, so even when you have access to services like Oxford Swing Trader which is run by trading gurus like Nicholas Vardy, it’s possible you could lose money.

Who’s Nicholas Vardy?

Nicholas Vardy is the man behind Oxford Swing Trader, and he works for The Oxford Club, which is a well-known and respected financial publishing company.

According to his profile on The Oxford Club website, Nicholas is an accomplished investment advisor and is a “widely recognized expert on quantitative investing, global investing and exchange-traded funds.”

He’s also been featured regularly on shows like CNN and Fox Business Network, and cited on sites like MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance, among others.

On top of this, he holds a master’s degree from Stanford University and has numerous other qualifications that, at least in my mind, make him well-suited to leading such a technical treading service that many would struggle to even understand, let alone develop.

Is Oxford Swing Trader Worth It?

Oxford Swing Trader is a trading subscription service headed up by Nicholas Vardy of The Oxford Club, which aims to help subscribers make money doing swing trading. And it’s based on Nicholas’ unique “quantitative investing system.”

At at cost of $4,000, it’s not for everyone.

But if you like the idea of learning how to swing trade based on what The Oxford Club website describes as “hedge fund-level recommendations” then this could be worth checking out.

That said, I personally wouldn’t join expecting to make money without any risk.

Because, even though the service is said to be based on quantitative analysis, there are always risks involved with trading and investing, no matter which service you join.

Which is why I think it’s good that members receive access to educational materials.

Because this way you can become a more self-sufficient trader, and be more confident in your ability to generate consistent gains, instead of just relying on someone’s trade ideas from week to week. Which in my experience isn’t ideal.