Palm Beach Venture Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Palm Beach Venture.

I discovered Palm Beach Venture after seeing an online presentation featuring Teeka Tiwari, who talks about making 10x–500x gains by investing in pre-IPO companies. He says that his unique investing strategy is allowing everyday folks make seven-figure fortunes.

Sounds exciting, but is it the real deal?

Well, I decided to take a closer look to see what I could find. And what I found was that Palm Beach Venture is a real investment advisory service run by one of the world’s most successful and respected investing gurus, Teeka Tiwari.

His strategy involves discovering the best pre-IPO companies that he thinks will skyrocket in value once the company goes public. And, as a subscriber, you get to see which companies he recommends and what he refers to as the “best sweetheart deals you’ve only read about”.

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That said, I do feel that as long as you’re aware of the potential risks involved with investing and don’t rush into this expecting to get rich quickly, then Palm Beach Venture could be a great way to learn how to invest in companies before they go public.

What Is Palm Beach Venture About?

Palm Beach Venture is all about investing in pre-IPO companies.

IPO stands for “initial public offering” and a “pre-IPO company” is basically just a company that is about to get listed on the stock exchange, but there’s a window of time before that happens where investors can buy shares.

In some ways, it’s an easy way to lose money. Because there’s lots of IPO’s that don’t work out. But if you know what you’re doing, it can be a great way to invest a small amount of money and achieve potentially massive returns.

Because if you pick the right company, it could be like investing in the next Facebook, Amazon or Tesla before they were listed on the stock market and the masses jumped in.

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So, long story short, it’s highly speculative, but has the potential to be very rewarding. And you don’t have to be an accredited investor to participate either which is cool.

And Teeka says his service, Palm Beach Venture, can help you find the best companies. And, according to the Palm Beach Research Group website, he’s looking to identify deals that can make 10x–500x returns and share these with subscribers.

And if anyone is able to find these types of opportunities, it’s Teeka. He has achieved a great deal of success as an investor over the years and says he is sharing the primary strategy he’s personally used to generate life-changing gains. So it’s an exciting prospect, to say the least.

But it’s not just about sharing his stock picks. As a subscriber to Teeka’s service, you also get access to his exclusive insights and knowledge which can potentially help you become a better investor.

Which I think is important. Because otherwise you’re just blindly following someone’s recommendations and considering the fact that there’s always risk involved in speculating in the stock market, the more you learn, the better outcome you are likely to have.

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How much money can you make with Palm Beach Venture? Teeka says that their goal is to profit from untapped markets that are propelled by massive, unstoppable trends. And to share insights into deals that could make 10x–500x returns before the mainstream gets in on them.

And in one presentation, he says that everyday folks are “quietly making seven-figure fortunes” with the types of strategies he teaches. So according to Teeka, you could potentially make a lot of money. But it’s important to understand that there are no guarantees either.

Investing can be very risky too, let alone investing in pre-IPO companies which is highly speculative in nature. So I definitely don’t recommend signing up to this expecting to get rich quick or without understanding the potential risks.

How much does it cost?

The cost of joining Palm Beach Venture is $2,495 per year. Keep in mind, however, that you will also need money to invest with so you may want to factor that into your costs too.

How Does Palm Beach Venture Work?

To get started with Palm Beach Venture, you first need to visit the Palm Beach Research Group website and purchase Palm Beach Venture for $2,495 as of writing this.

In doing so, you get access to the following:

  • 12 monthly issues of Palm Beach Venture: As a member of Palm Beach Venture, you receive a monthly financial newsletter that aims to identify venture capital-style investment opportunities. Along with insights and analysis on what Teeka and his team are interested in.
  • Monthly and quarterly recommendations: Every quarter, Teeka shares high-risk and potentially high-reward pre-IPO recommendations with his subscribers. And this is something that anyone can participate in, regardless of their level of wealth or experience in investing. Also, in months where you don’t receive these pre-IPO recommendations, Teeka shares small-cap stock recommendations instead which he says can also be very lucrative.
  • Model portfolio: As a member, you get access to the model portfolio which is basically a list of stock picks Teeka has recommended. The cool thing about this is you know what to buy, sell or hold at any given time based on what you find in the model portfolio.
  • Trade alerts: Whenever a new opportunity arises or Teeka recommends selling something, members receive an alert by email or text, which is a good way to keep in the loop.

On top of this, you also get access to a bunch of high value bonus reports depending on which page you signup through and when, along with access to a member-only website which contains everything. So the cost is up there at almost $2.5K but you do get a lot of value for this.

And they do have a 90 day refund policy which allows you to cancel and opt for another service if you’re not happy within your first 90 days of joining. So it’s not exactly a refund but it is still good to know that if you’re not happy with the service you can try something else.

Who Is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari
Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari is an expert in the field of investing in financial markets, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

He started out with just $150 in his pocket when he migrated to America at the age of 16. And within four years, became one of the youngest Vice President ever at Shearson Lehman. By age 23, he was a millionaire.

So he earned his success from the ground up.

He also made some good calls during his career as a hedge fund manager. For example, in 2003 he picked Apple as good stock to invest in. And, after retiring in 2010 and becoming the editor of Palm Beach Letter in 2016, he picked Bitcoin right before it rallied.

As a result of his success over the years, he attracted a lot of media attention. He has been featured on shows like CNBC, FOX News and ABC, along with popular Youtube channels like London Real.

Is he the real deal?

Yes, Teeka Tiwari is a real investment guru.

He’s been doing this for decades and has worked with some of the biggest names in the finance and investing space. Given his track record of success, he clearly knows his stuff. So I think he’s someone who is worth listening to and who provides a lot of value for subscribers.

Is Palm Beach Venture Legitimate?

Palm Beach Venture is a real investing advisory service that’s aimed at helping subscribers make money investing in small-cap and pre-IPO companies.

And even though it costs $2,495 per year, that could be a drop in the bucket if subscribers are able to see even a fraction of what he suggests.

And based on his track record, I think this presents an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a high risk, high reward manner.

As I mentioned earlier though, nobody can guarantee you’ll make money.

And it’s no secret that a lot of people lose money investing in the stock market, particularly with smaller cap deals. So it pays to consider the potential downside before diving in.

Otherwise you could signup with the wrong expectations and end up disappointed. On the flip side, if you join understanding that it’s not a get rich quick program, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you are able to learn from Teeka and his team.

Bottom Line

Palm Beach Venture is an investment advisory service run by one of the world’s most successful and respected investing professionals, Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka’s strategy involves discovering the best small-cap and pre-IPO companies that he thinks are set to skyrocket in value once the company goes public. And then sharing these with subscribers of Palm Beach Venture with the aim of delivering 10-500x opportunities.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty exciting to me.

That said, I always like to consider both the upside and downside potential when it comes to investing, or anything for that matter. And to me, one of the main drawbacks here is that this type of investing is inherently risky. Just as you can make lots of money, you can lose it too.

So I wouldn’t join without understanding the risks, or hoping to get rich quick.

In any case, what you decide to do is up to you.

I’m not affiliated with Palm Beach Venture, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to buy, or not buy, the program. My aim is to simply share my opinion and help you make a more informed choice either way.