Partner With Anthony Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Partner With Anthony.

I discovered Partner With Anthony through an email I received about making money online. I was curious, so I decided to take a closer look, which eventually led me to buying.

And in this review, I’ll share my first hand experience with you.

Partner With Anthony Review

According to Anthony’s video presentation, Partner With Anthony is a system that allows you to partner with him, and create a success business online in the process.

Anthony points out that most online business programs require you to do everything alone. But with his system, he says you can work with him personally and he will help you succeed.

So this may be an exciting prospect to you as a beginner, because Anthony claims to be a multi-millionaire who’s made millions of dollars online.

But is ANY of this even true, or is it really just a scam?

Well, the good news is, it’s not a scam.

I’ve actually joined Partner With Anthony (PWA). Well, twice actually. I first joined a couple years ago and the other time I joined was fairly recently, because I was curious to see if anything much had changed. It hasn’t.

And incase you’re wondering… no, I’m not promoting this.

So unlike the majority of fake reviews out there from affiliates, I won’t be dropping my affiliate link in here to convince you to join PWA. Nor will I say it’s a scam just to promote something else. I prefer to just tell it like it is – good or bad.

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Anyways, after joining, what I found was that it’s a platform with a suite of different training programs that range in price from $7 per month to $1,000’s. So Partner With Anthony, while quite comprehensive in and of itself, is only ONE of the programs he sells.

The idea behind Partner With Anthony is to provide you with a kind of “system” for making money online. So it’s not just a training course, you also get tools and resources to help you setup your business as you go.

And the whole thing is based on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn commissions promoting other people’s products. I do this myself, it’s how I earn six figures online. So it’s legit and definitely works. But like anything, how successful you are depends on the effort you put in, no system or internet guru can change that.

In any case, affiliate marketing is the main business model you learn as a member.

There’s a lot of different ways you can do affiliate marketing though, some better than others, so in the next section I’ll explain how Anthony’s affiliate system works in more detail. That way you’ll have a better idea of what to expect if you do decide to join.

How Does Partner With Anthony Work?

The first thing I want to point out is that you’re not actually partnering with Anthony in the sense he calls you up and personally works with you to create your business.

You partner with him more in the sense that the system shows you how to promote Partner With Anthony. So if you refer someone to join PWA, you earn an affiliate commission.

Also, as you move throughout the training, you’ll notice that there are some other programs you need to make it work. For example, ClickFunnels is a software that helps you build webpages and GetResponse is a software that helps you collect email leads.

You don’t have to buy either of these, or any of the other tools Anthony recommends, but if you want to promote PWA in the way he shows you in the training, you will. And they’re not free.

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In any case, as you progress through the training and setup your business, you also learn how to get your affiliate links for these companies, which is free to do, and then place them into the PWA website.

Why would you do that?

Because that way, once you start recommending people join PWA, and they follow the same training you just went through, you earn commissions when your referrals buy those products too. So it’s basically a referral system where you join and get others to join too.

It’s not just about promoting PWA though, you also learn how to use the same strategies to promote other products too. So it’s not like it’s some kind of MLM recruiting scam or anything, but promoting PWA is in reality the main focus of the program.

Is Partner With Anthony a Scam?

Partner With Anthony (PWA) isn’t a scam. It actually is a real program and it is possible to make money by following what Anthony teaches.

The system is setup in such a way that virtually any newbie can join, follow the steps and setup their business to begin getting traffic and making affiliate sales. And Anthony is quite a good teacher in that he really explains things simply and walks you through each step.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider…

You’ll Need a Lot More Than $7

The first main drawback is that $7 per month is just the beginning. If you think that’s the entire cost involved, you might as well forget about it now, because that’s not even close.

As mentioned, there’s a bunch of other tools and software you need to build your business. Then there’s the cost of paying for traffic (website visitors) which is a big part of this system. And these alone can EASILY add up to $100’s or even $1,000’s per month.

Then there’s the upsells.

A big part of how this system works is you are encouraged to buy higher and higher priced products that Anthony sells within the platform. There are literally over a dozen different courses available for purchase within the platform, some of which cost well over $1,000.

And in order to qualify for commissions on some of these products if/when you’re referrals buy them, you need to have bought them yourself.

This is key to understand.

Because you can spend a lot of money getting people to join PWA, so you often NEED the commissions from the higher ticket offers to actually break even and get into profit.

Which is why, in my opinion, you really need to factor in buying the higher ticket courses if you want to be successful with PWA.

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It’s Mostly About Promoting PWA Itself

The second main drawback is that the whole thing is mostly geared towards promoting PWA itself. In some ways this makes it easier, because you just “follow the system” to start making sales. However, I personally think this approach is really limiting yourself.

Not to mention, when you’re promoting the same offer (PWA) as a ton of other members, who are all using the same marketing methods and traffic source, it can be very competitive and difficult to reach any level of real success.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

As an affiliate, you can promote virtually ANYTHING you want in virtually any niche you can think of. There are literally millions of products out there, in totally untapped niches, and it doesn’t cost you a cent to partner with the companies who’s products you want to promote.

You just need to learn the right process.

Now, to be fair, you can apply what you learn within PWA to promote other offers too, besides just PWA itself. So I’m not saying that all you can ever do is promote PWA.

I’m just saying that’s the main focus.

That’s the whole idea behind “partnering” with Anthony in the first place.

What I Like About PWA

  • The cost of getting started with PWA is quite low at $7, so there’s not a huge risk involved in trying it out. And for this price you get access to a lot of value.
  • Customer support is prompt and helpful. I contacted them when I requested to stop my membership from renewing, and even after clearly stating I didn’t want a refund, they gave me one anyway (lol).
  • You can setup your PWA referral system without joining any of the third party services Anthony mentions (like ClickFunnels and GetResponse), and still earn commissions on the initial $7 PWA membership and these services.
  • Anthony is a great teacher, he really takes the time to walk you through every aspect of the system so even if you’re a complete newbie, you should be able to follow along.

What I Don’t Like About PWA

  • The overall costs (when you start adding it all up) are quite high. You realistically will need $100’s (or more likely $1,000’s) to really get anywhere with this system in my opinion.
  • I’m not a fan of systems that are setup mostly to promote the same system. There’s nothing wrong with promoting a program like PWA, but I find this approach quite limiting, it increases your competition, and I’m just not a big fan of it.
  • As a member, at no point do you get to actually speak with Anthony directly, so you’re not really partnering with him. You’re really just promoting his stuff.

Bottom Line

Partner with Anthony is a system that shows you how to promote Partner With Anthony and other programs as an affiliate. It’s definitely legit, and provides you with some really quality training and resources, so overall I do think some people will benefit from joining.

On the other hand, I do think there are better options out there.

Especially if you want to create an online business that isn’t dependent upon any one “system” or program for you to be successful. There really is a wealth of opportunity online, you just need to learn the right process, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to do so.