Profits Run Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Profits Run.

Profits Run is a financial publishing company that was founded by Bill Poulos and his son Greg Poulos in 2001. And according to the website (, it aims to “teach regular people how to become better, smarter, and safer investors and traders in any market.”

Is it the real deal?

Yes, Profits Run is a legitimate company that provides both free and paid content, that teaches subscribers how to trade a range of asset classes such as stocks, options and ETFs. And it’s run by some of the most respected trading and investing gurus in the space.

In this article, I’ll walk you through what programs the company offers, how it works, and provide some insight into who’s running the show, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What Is Profits Run All About?

Profits Run is a financial publishing company, which means it publishes content about trading and investing, similar to companies I’ve come across like Empire Financial Research.

The main difference with Profits Run compared to many other publishing companies, however, is that it’s a smaller, family run operation. So they don’t seem to place as much emphasis on running big marketing campaigns as some of the bigger sites.

According to the Profits Run website:

What we don’t do is promise to help you “get rich quick” – that’s why you won’t see any crazy income claims from us. Instead, our philosophy is more along the lines of protecting your portfolio as much as possible. And that’s why our primary focus with all of our programs is risk management. Once you learn how to properly manage risk, trading can be a lot less stressful.

Many of the services provided by Profits Run, at least the ones I’ve looked into, revolve around options trading. Which is a type of trading where, instead of owning the underlying stock, you speculate on the price moving up or down.

The good thing about stock options is that you can use a relatively small amount of capital to make large gains, thanks to something called leverage. And you can make money whether the price is going up or down.

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The downside is the risk factor. Because just as leverage can increase your potential returns, it can also increase your potential losses. And you don’t own a share in a company as you do when you buy regular shares, you just own the “right” to buy the underlying asset.

The good news is that Bill and the team at Profits Run are experts at managing that risk, since that is one of their main focusses. So even though trading options with leverage is risky, the Profits Run services are aimed at helping you mitigate the risk and maximize returns.

It’s not all about options though.

The company provides a range of services which each specialize in a different trading or investing method, and focus on different asset classes.

So the idea is that there’s something to suit everyone.

Whether you’re a long term investor, looking to generate income through dividends or if you’re wanting to take advantage of shorter-term trends.

How Does Profits Run Work?

The way Profits Run works is similar to most financial publishing companies.

They provide regular free content about investing and trading through various blogs and email newsletters they run, as well as paid publications for those who want to learn more.

As of writing, they sell seven paid services on the Profits Run website that’s aimed at helping subscribers make money across a range of asset classes and which leverage different strategies.

For example, one is called 20/30 Wealth Trader which is a daily trading service aimed at helping subscribers make money trading the top 20 markets in 30 minutes or less per day.

While another one is called Premium Income Letter which is a monthly newsletter aimed at helping subscribers grow their portfolio with as little capital as possible.

Regardless of which service you join, the main benefit of joining is getting access to specific insights about a particular trading or investing method, as well as recommendations on what Bill and the Profits Run team think is worth betting on.

The company also provides Trade Alert Software and VIP Services such as coaching to help traders and investors become more successful.

Who’s Behind Profits Run?

The co-founders of Profits Run are Bill Poulos and Greg Poulos.

Both Bill and Greg are trading and investing experts, and together run the company along with other experts that make up the Profits Run team.

From what I’ve seen, Bill is the brains behind most of the programs at Profits Run. He’s an expert trader with decades of experience, and specializes in trading options.

Before becoming a successful investor, Bill worked for General Motors, where his main role was making cars safer and more reliable. Which is something that, from what I understand, he has carried through to his investing career.

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Because he’s known for not just making great gains, but also managing risk. Which is important when it comes to investing, especially when it comes to using options and leverage.

Greg Poulos is Bill’s son and according to the Profits Run website, he’s “responsible for operations and marketing and works closely with Bill on strategic direction.”

Greg’s background is in technology and marketing. And, according to the Profits Run website, after obtaining his marketing degree, he worked for several dot-com startups and helped develop websites for major automotive companies.

Together, Greg and Bill work hard to provide subscribers of the Profits Run services with quality content, tools and resources out of their Michigan based headquarters.

Bottom Line

Profits Run is a financial publishing company that was founded by Bill Poulos and his son Greg Poulos in 2001, that aims to help everyday people become successful traders and investors.

The company does this through the services it provides through its website, which provide insight and trade recommendations around different asset classes and strategies.

And they must be doing something right.

Because Profits Run has been providing value for almost 20 years. They also have an A+ rating on the BBB website, which is almost unheard of in the finance and investing space. Not to mention, after digging through online reviews, it seems many people speak highly of their services.

So, to sum it up, Profits Run is a great company. And I think it’s well worth checking out their services, especially if you’re interested in learning how to trade options. And especially if you’re looking for an honest company that doesn’t use hype to convince you to join.