Real Wealth Strategist Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Real Wealth Strategist.

I discovered Real Wealth Strategist after receiving an email, which led me to a presentation featuring Matt Badiali, who says he can help you turn $50 into more than $2,080 over and over again.

Which sounds cool, but is it the real deal?

Well, I decided to take a closer look to find out. Because anyone can make bold claims, but whether or not they actually deliver is another story.

Anyway, what I found was that Real Wealth Strategist is a real newsletter service that aims to help subscribers make money investing in the natural resources sector. As a member, you get access to Matt’s stock picks and insights to help you create a lucrative portfolio.

What Is Real Wealth Strategist?

Real Wealth Strategist is an investment advisory service headed up by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill. The core part of the service is a monthly newsletter that shows you how to invest in natural resources like precious metals, energy, and medical cannabis stocks.

He says the natural resources sector is so lucrative that it has the ability to help you turn a $1,000 investment into $31,130 in a single transaction. And that, with his guidance, you could turn every $50 you invest into more than $2,080.

Which sounds amazing.

But the truth is, not everyone who joins Real Wealth Strategist makes this sort of money.

And regardless of the individual system, it’s just as easy to lose money in the stock market as it is to make it. Especially when it comes to things like pot stocks (which Matt has recommended).

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How much money can you make with Real Wealth Strategist? Well, the truth is, nobody can promise anyone will make any money at all. Investing is a risky business by nature and nobody, not even Matt Badiali, can predict the future with 100% certainty.

So I think it’s important to understand this so that you have realistic expectations going into it. Some people who join make lots, some mightn’t make much at all.

It really depends on the individual stocks you invest in, the timing of each trade, and how much you invest, among other factors as to how much you can make.

How much does it cost to get started?

The cost of joining Real Wealth Strategist is $47 per year and this auto-renews. And of course, you also need money to invest with if you plan on following Matt’s recommendations.

How Does Real Wealth Strategist Work?

The way Real Wealth Strategist works is pretty straightforward. The idea is to signup for $47 on the Banyan Hill website, which gives you access to the following:

  • Monthly report: This is the bread and butter of the subscription. Each month, Matt sends you his next stock recommendation and some information about why he’s recommending it. So, over the course of 12 months you get 12 stock recommendations in the natural resources sector.
  • Model portfolio: This portfolio includes every stock on Matt’s “buy now” list. He tells you what he recommends buying, at what price and when he recommends selling
  • Trade alerts: When it is time to buy or sell a stock, Matt sends you a trade alert via email. The email tells you how to act on his recommendation along with an explanation.
  • Weekly updates: Each week, Matt updates you on the market, the positions he’s taken and answer frequently-asked questions to help you stay informed.
  • Weekly podcasts: This is a members-only weekly podcast where Matt discusses some of his subscribers most common questions, provides updates on model portfolio companies and gives insight into current market trends.
  • Golden Rolodex Series: Matt discusses market trends and company forecasts with executives and industry experts and provides members with a series of recorded interviews. You could potentially pick up some real gems here given how knowledgable Matt is and those he interviews.

As you can see, you get a ton of value for only $47.

But when you boil it all down, there are two main core benefits of this service. The monthly newsletters that are sent to you each month, that list a new stock you can invest in.

And aside from stock picks. the other main benefit is getting to learn from Matt Badiali about investing successfully. Which, based on his experience and track record, is an exciting prospect.

Who Is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali
Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is the main editor of Real Wealth Strategist. He’s an expert investor who has made lots of money in the natural resources sector over the past 20 years.

According to his Banyan Hill profile page, he started out as a geologist teaching at the University of North Carolina.

Until one day he received a phone call from an unnamed billionaire who wanted his help to fact check some of the claims being made by certain companies he was looking to invest in.

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So, he decided it was time for a change and began helping this person. And in the process, learned a lot about investing and was able to combine his knowledge of geology with what he had learned, to create his own portfolio.

Apparently, this turned out really well for him. He has travelled the world, interviewed lots of successful investors, given presentations for companies like Exxon Mobil, and made some huge gains in the stock market.

So it’s safe to say that, based on his track record, Matt is an expert in the natural resources investing space. And now he shares his knowledge with subscribers of Real Wealth Strategist.

Is he the real deal? Yes, Matt Badiali is a real investment guru, he’s been doing this for over two decades and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Is Real Wealth Strategist Legit?

I do believe Real Wealth Strategist is a legitimate newsletter, and one that could potentially help you make money investing in the natural resources sector. I also think that, depending on your circumstances and goals, it could be worth giving it a try for $47.

That doesn’t mean it’s completely risk free, though.

As with any type of investing, there’s always a chance you could end up losing some money. So I think it’s important to understand the potential risks and know that, no matter how legitimate something is, nobody can guarantee anything.

Either way, this is a real newsletter published by a reputable company (Banyan Hill Publishing) and an investing expert (Matt Badiali). So I think as long as you understand that it’s not a get rich quick program, and that nothing is guaranteed, you might find it to be worthwhile.

Bottom Line

Real Wealth Strategist is an investment advisory newsletter published by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt and his team use their knowledge and experience to find high quality opportunities within the natural resources sector, and shares these with subscribers.

I personally think this could be a great option for the right person. Especially if you like the idea of putting your money into things like precious metals, energy, and medical cannabis stocks.

That said, there’s definitely some risk involved with this. So I wouldn’t rush into it expecting to get rich quick, or without understanding that nothing is guaranteed.

In any case, what you decide to do is up to you.

I’m not affiliated with Real Wealth Strategist, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to join, or not join, the service. As always, my aim was to simply share my opinion to help you make a more informed choice either way.