Stansberry Innovations Report (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Stansberry Innovations Report.

I discovered the Stansberry Innovations Report while browsing the Stansberry Research website. It’s a monthly research advisory that is all about investing safely in the next technology revolutions.

The man heading up the service, John Engel, says he looks for strong companies in the tech industry that are treating shareholders properly and providing an opportunity for real gains.

Sounds exciting, but is it really legit?

Well, I decided to take a closer look to see what I could find. And what I found was that Stansberry Innovations Report thankfully is a legitimate advisory service.

Not only that, but the company behind it, Stansberry Research, is a legitimate financial publishing company, and the service is headed up by John Engel, an investing expert with real world experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical space.

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But as I said this is a legitimate service so you may find it worthwhile if you’re interested in investing in disruptive technologies within sectors such as medical science, defense, biotechnology and cryptocurrency, among others.

What Is Stansberry Innovations Report About?

Stansberry Innovations Report is a monthly research advisory service that’s all about investing in up and coming technology revolutions. John Engel and the team at Stansberry Research look for early opportunities in new technology trends and share these insights with subscribers.

As mentioned, they specifically look for opportunities within the biotechnology, software, medical sciences, hardware, defense, and cryptocurrency space.

And these aren’t “get rich quick” recommendations either, they typically recommend high quality stocks that you can hold for many years. So it’s typically more aimed at people who want to invest relatively safely, but also take advantage of potentially huge upside.

How does it work?

Each month, subscribers get a fresh newsletter delivered via email, and available in the member-only website, which provides detailed insights into the stocks John and the team are looking at and analysis on what’s going on in the markets with respect to the sectors I mentioned earlier.

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So it’s not just stock picks. As a subscriber, you also get a unique opportunity to learn from expert investors with a proven track record of success.

Which I think is important.

Because otherwise you’re just blindly following someone’s recommendations, which isn’t a good idea if you ask me, since nobody is right all of the time.

Regardless of the individual program or guru behind it, there’s always risk involved in speculating in the stock market. So the more you learn, the better outcome you are likely to have.

How much does it cost?

The cost of joining Stansberry Innovations Report is $199 and according to the Stansberry Research website, all you need is $1,000 to start building your portfolio.

And one of the cool things about this service is you get 30 days to decide if you like it after joining. So if you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund during the initial 30 day period.

How Does Stansberry Innovations Report Work?

To get started with Stansberry Innovations Report, you need to visit the Stansberry Research website and join the service for $199, which gives you 12 months of access to the Stansberry Innovations Report as well as other great resources to help you become a successful investor.

The main benefit of joining is getting access to the monthly newsletters which are delivered to your inbox on the third Friday of each month.

Within the newsletters, subscribers receive fresh stock picks that John and his team are interested in, as well as key insights into the sectors they’re looking at and the stocks they recommend.

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In addition, you get access to the model portfolio which contains a list of the stocks John is currently recommending.

Which makes it easy to see his stock picks all in one place, inside the member-only website. And from there you can research further and decide which stocks you’re interested in.

So, to sum it up, the way the service works is by showing you which stocks John Engel and his team recommend and educating you on why they recommend them. Which, considering John’s track record and the reputation of Stansberry Research, I think is a steal for $199.

Who Is John Engel?

John Engel

John Engel is the editor of Stansberry Innovations Report which is published by financial publishing company, Stansberry Research.

According to his Stansberry Research profile page, John holds a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University and before he started working for Stansberry Research, he was a research scientist in a drug discovery laboratory where he spent years developing novel therapeutics.

So he has real world experience working at both a biotech startup and large pharmaceutical company. Which puts him in a position to share high value insight with subscribers of Stansberry Innovations Report and other services he contributes to.

In summary, he’s an expert in the field of biotech and medical science, so it’s no wonder Stansberry Research values his analysis on new scientific breakthroughs, as do his subscribers.

Is Stansberry Innovations Report the Real Deal?

Yes, Stansberry Innovations Report is legitimate and the real deal.

It’s a real advisory service that is aimed at helping subscribers invest safely in the next technology revolutions. And I personally think that for $199 per year, it represents a great deal of value. Especially since, according to the company website, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

That said, nothing is perfect and there are no guarantees you’ll make money either. So I do think that, while this is a great service, you shouldn’t go into it expecting to get rich. The stock market can be very unpredictable so, in reality, anything could happen.

I’m not trying to be all doom and gloom here… I’m just saying that I personally think it pays to consider the potential risks before diving in.

Otherwise you could signup with the wrong expectations and end up disappointed. On the flip side, if you join understanding the risks and that nothing is guaranteed, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you’re able to achieve over the long term.

Bottom Line

Stansberry Innovations Report is a monthly research advisory service that’s all about investing in up and coming technology revolutions. John Engel and the team at Stansberry Research look for early opportunities in new technology trends and share these insights with subscribers.

And I do think that, if you’re interested in investing in potentially disruptive technologies within sectors like medical science, defense, biotechnology and cryptocurrency, you might find this to be one of the best subscriptions you’ve ever come across for the price.

In any case, what you decide to do is up to you.

I’m not affiliated with the Stansberry Research, so my aim with this review was never to convince you to buy, or not buy, the program. My aim is to simply share my opinion and help you make a more informed choice either way. So whatever you decide, I hope you found this review helpful.