Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.

I discovered this investment newsletter after seeing a promotion about it online. The man behind it, Porter Stansberry, is an investment guru who claims to have helped his subscribers achieve “incredible gains” in the stock market over the past 20 odd years.

Is it the real deal? Well, I decided to take a closer look to find out. Because it’s easy for someone to make bold claims, but whether or not they actually deliver is another story.

And thankfully, what I found was that Stansberry’s Investment Advisory isn’t a scam.

It’s a real newsletter service where Porter Stansberry reveals what he says are the most promising emerging trends and most influential economic forces affecting the stock market. And the aim is to help subscribers profit from these trends.

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However, as I said earlier, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is a legitimate service. So let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how it works, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What Is Stansberry’s Investment Advisory?

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is an investment advisory service created by Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research, which is a company he founded over 20 years ago.

The cost of the service is $199 per year. And, as a subscriber, Porter sends you a monthly newsletter where he shares his stock picks and investing insights to help subscribers generate consistent profits in the stock market, regardless of what’s going on in Wall Street or Washington.

According to Porter, over the past (almost) two decades, he has helped subscribers “navigate the ups and downs of the market” including the financial crisis of 2008, and generate incredible gains despite the volatility in the market at the time.

And he cites numerous examples of subscribers who have made as much as 525% on a single trade which, if true, is quite impressive.

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What types of stocks does Porter recommend? The types of investment opportunities Porter recommends range from tech companies to energy companies, and anything in between.

So it’s not really focussed on any one specific industry.

According to Porter, the aim of the service is to help you build (and protect) your wealth through high quality stock recommendations that you can hold for a year or more. And the model portfolio contains 20-30 positions so it’s fairly well diversified.

Based on everything I’ve seen, there’s a lot to like about what Porter is offering here. However, as with any type of investing, there are risks involved and nothing is guaranteed either.

How Does Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Work?

The way Stansberry’s Investment Advisory works is pretty straightforward. The idea is to signup for $199 on the Stansberry Research website, which gives you access to the following:

  • Monthly newsletter: This is the bread and butter of the subscription. Each month, for 12 months, Porter sends you a comprehensive newsletter outlining his latest investment recommendations and the details of the current portfolio, along with his market analysis and other key insights.
  • Model portfolio: This portfolio includes every stock on Porter Stansberry’s “buy now” list. He tells you what he recommends buying, at what price and when he recommends selling.
  • Subscriber-only reports: Subscribers get access to in-depth guides on topics like preparing for and surviving a market crisis, buying high quality assets for pennies on the dollar and collecting tax-free gains, among others.
  • The Stansberry Digest: This is a daily email where the Stansberry Research editorial team keeps you updated on interesting situations taking shape in the markets. As well as what’s going on within Stansberry Research. For example, what they got right, what they got wrong and what they’ve got planned going forward.

Worth mentioning is that Stansberry Research offers a 30 day free trial for this service.

Which is a plus in my books. Because in my experience, the best services are often those that provide you with some sort of trial or money back guarantee.

In any case, when you boil it all down, there are two main core benefits of this service.

The first and most obvious benefit is getting access to Porter’s stock picks. Those that are currently on his buy list and those that you receive on a monthly basis. And the second benefit, which I would argue is more important, are the insights you receive.

You don’t just get a bunch of stock picks, you get access to detailed insights from Porter and the team as to why they’ve chosen a given stock.

So, as a member, you have the opportunity to learn from a successful investor and use what you learn to become a better investor yourself. Which I think is really important.

Who Is Porter Stansberry?

Porter Stansberry
Porter Stansberry

Porter Stansberry is an American financial publisher and author.

He founded Stansberry Research and is the creator of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, which is the company’s flagship service that started with the company back in 1999.

Porter has quite an impressive track record of success within the financial and investment world. Not just with respect to his own portfolio, but also in the way in which he’s been able to help his subscribers over the years.

For example, he predicted the mortgage meltdown of 2008 and that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would go bankrupt within 12 months of his prediction. Both of which happened. And, from what I understand, many of his subscribers were able to benefit from this.

All of this success gained him the attention of sites like Barron’s, along with other notable media outlets and respected investment experts.

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In fact, his accurate forecasts launched Stansberry’s Investment Advisory towards becoming one of the most widely read services on the planet.

As of writing this, Stansberry Research has over 500K subscribers.

His goal with Stansberry Research was to put together a team of the best editors and analysts possible, to provide subscribers with what he says are the safest, most profitable investment ideas in the world, regardless of what’s happening in the markets.

Is he the real deal?

Yes, Porter Stansberry is a real investing guru. He has been successfully investing for many years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Not to mention, many people speak highly of his newsletters so he must be doing something right.

Is Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Legitimate?

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is not a scam.

It’s a real advisory service where Porter Stansberry shares his investment tips and insights, as well as his recommended stocks. So it could potentially help you protect and grow your wealth through what he says are proven, yet unconventional, investing ideas.

And I personally think that for $199 per year, there’s not a whole lot of risk in giving it a try, especially since you can sign up and try the service for free for 30 days.

With that being said, if you follow Porter’s advice and buy stocks that end up going down, you could lose money. Which can happen – millions of people lose money speculating in the stock market each year. So even though this is a legitimate service, it’s not totally risk-free. There’s no such thing as a “sure thing” when it comes to speculating in the stock market.

Bottom Line

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is an investment advisory service created by Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research, that provides subscribers with investment recommendations, market analysis and other insights, aimed at helping you become a better investor.

Porter Stansberry is an expert investor who shares a great deal of value with subscribers. So it’s possible that by following his system could end up learning a great deal and develop a lucrative portfolio over time.

Keep in mind, however, that speculating in the stock market can be very risky, and you’re essentially just following what someone else is suggesting. Which may be good in some respects, since Porter is an expert, but it’s important to educate yourself if you want to be successful.

So if you do decide to join, it might make sense to take the time to educate yourself, rather than just buying the stocks that are recommended in the model portfolio. That way, you can be more confident in what you are doing and give yourself a greater chance of success.

In any case, what you decide to do is totally up to you.

I’m not affiliated with Stansberry’s Investment Advisory so my aim with this review was never to convince you to buy, or not buy, the program. My aim is to simply share my opinion and help you make a more informed choice either way.