Strategic Investor Review (Is It The Real Deal?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Strategic Investor.

I recently discovered Strategic Investor through the Casey Research website.

It’s a monthly newsletter aimed at providing members with timely research, strategies and tips to help you make money in today’s market.

The man behind it, David Forest, says there’s a huge shift happening in the markets and that as a subscriber you can benefit from their insights in order to profit from developments in the market.

And according to the Casey Research website, some subscribers are using what they’re learning to make some very impressive gains. One testimonial boasts a huge 3,420% gain and another person says he was able to turn $2,000 into $38,000.

Sounds exciting, but is it the real deal?

Well, I was curious so I decided to take a closer look to find out. And what I found was that, yes, Strategic Investor is absolutely legitimate. Not only is David Forest an expert investor but Casey Research is one of the most respected companies in the investment research space.

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That said, Strategic Investor is a legitimate service that could be worth joining depending on your goals and circumstances, so let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how it works.

What Is Strategic Investor About?

Strategic Investor is a monthly investment newsletter service developed by David Forest, who’s a geologist who has worked professionally in the mining and petroleum industry for over 20 years.

The idea for the Strategic Investor newsletter came about through Doug Casey’s book, Strategic Investing. According to the Casey Research website, the idea was to take Doug’s timeless investing principals and apply them to today’s markets in the form of an insightful monthly newsletter.

The strategy involves the following 4 steps:

  1. Assess
  2. Consolidate
  3. Position
  4. Speculate

So it’s not about blindly following trends or throwing money into an ETF, it’s about positioning yourself to come out on top in the “investing battlefield” as the site puts it.

And, as a subscriber, you get access to whole host of resources to help you accomplish this. The main resource is the newsletter, which provides detailed analysis, market insights and tips about new investment opportunities.

And I think this is a lot more valuable than simply getting stock picks. Because this way, instead of just blindly following someone’s recommendations, you can learn and properly educate yourself. Which I think is key because the more you learn, the better outcome you are likely to have.

How Much Can You Make With Strategic Investor?

Like any type of investing, you could potentially earn a lot of money or nothing at all.

In fact, it’s possible you could even lose money if you’re not careful. I’m not saying this will happen, I’m just saying that nothing is guaranteed.

But considering the quality of information and the track record of the team at Casey Research, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of longterm success as an investor.

How much does it cost?

The cost of joining Strategic Investor is $199 per year.

And on top of this you will of course need some money to invest with, so this is something you may need to budget if you want to benefit from this.

How Does Strategic Investor Work?

To get started with Strategic Investor, all you need to do is visit the Casey Research website, navigate to the “products” tab and purchase Strategic Investor for $199. In doing so, you will get access to everything you need to benefit from David Forest’s insights.

And as I mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits is the monthly newsletter. Which provides detailed analysis, market insights and tips about new investment opportunities.

Some of the recommendations include things like precious metals, natural resources and mining stocks for example, but there are a range of strategic investment ideas that are designed to help you both protect and create wealth.

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On top of this, subscribers typically get access to some bonus reports. Exactly which bonus reports depends on the page you join through and when, but these are often detailed reports about a particular stock or asset play.

In any case, as you can see, there’s a lot of value on offer for $199.

And they even go as far as to provide a 90-day refund period. Well, kinda. It’s more like a credit. So if you buy and you’re not happy within the first 90 days you can get a credit towards another one of their services.

So, to sum it up…

As a subscriber, you not only get David’s recommendations on what he and the team at Casey Research believe are good opportunities, but you also get insights and education to help you become a better investor and navigate the ups and downs of the market.

Who Is David Forest?

David Forest
David Forest

According to the Casey Research website, David Forest is a geologist who has worked professionally in the mining and petroleum industry for over 20 years.

Before editing Strategic Investor, he headed up Casey Energy Speculator which was all about investing in things like natural gas, uranium, oil, and renewable energy across the globe.

Not to mention, he has founded his own mineral exploration and development companies, so he has boots-on-the-ground experience and is well versed in all things natural resources and mining. Which makes him well suited to the types of investing opportunities presented within Strategic Investor.

Is Strategic Investor the Real Deal?

Strategic Investor is a real, legitimate service that provides members with resources aimed at helping you develop a very rewarding portfolio over time.

So it’s not a scam. And I personally think that for $199 per year it’s virtually a no brainer for anyone serious about both protecting and creating wealth.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody is guaranteeing you’ll get rich and there are risks involved when it comes to any type of investing.

So I think it’s important to understand the potential risks and know that, no matter how legitimate something is, nobody can guarantee you’ll make lots of money.

However, as long as you join understanding this, and set realistic expectations for yourself based on your own circumstances, then this could be a worthwhile endeavor for you.

Bottom Line

Strategic Investor is a newsletter service developed by David Forest and Casey Research, that shares timely research, strategies and tips to help you make money in today’s market.

It’s no secret that Casey Research is one of the most respected names in the industry, and I personally think that Strategic Investor is a great resource for anyone interested in learning how to invest. Not just because of the company’s proven track record, but because of the types of assets they provide analysis on (ie. precious metals, mining and natural resource stocks).

That said, investing is risky. So I think it’s important to go into something like this understanding the potential risks and knowing that you’re probably not going to get rich overnight. As with any sound investing strategy, it can take time to play out.