SuperpayMe Review (Legit Money Making Site?)

Hello and welcome to my review of SuperpayMe. is a site that rewards you for completing surveys and other tasks like clicking on ads, downloading apps, and signing up for a various websites for example.

I stumbled across a while back, so I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts about it to help those who are considering joining. I know what it’s like trying to figure out which sites work and which are scams, so I decided to share what I found out about this site.

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That said, SuperpayMe is a legitimate site, they don’t scam you or make you wait forever to get paid like some sites I’ve joined do, and they definitely do provide you with some great opportunities to earn rewards.

For the most part, it’s just that the income potential is super low, even if you work really hard for a long period of time. I’m not exaggerating when I say you can spend hour upon hour, day after day, for months.. just to earn a few extra bucks.

In any case, let’s take a closer look at what it’s about and how it works, so you know what to expect before joining.

What Is SuperpayMe and How Does It Work? is a site that rewards you for completing surveys and other tasks such as clicking on ads, downloading apps, and signing up for a various websites.

They’ve been around since 2012 and during that time have established themselves as one of the better rewards sites out there. According to the website, they’ve paid out over $3.4 million and counting, so they are actively paying members and they tend to do so very quickly.

The typical payout takes less than 8 hours.

All you need is a PayPal account (or something like Skrill) and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, you can swap out the “points” you earn for a Tango gift card which can be used on sites like Amazon, Starbucks and Nike, along with a number of others.

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How do you actually earn?

There are several different ways you can earn money with As mentioned earlier, you can earn by clicking on ads, watching videos, signing up for sites they partner with and downloading apps. But the main way you earn is by completing surveys.

Here’s an overview of the different ways you can earn:

  • Surveys: Once you join and verify your account, SuperpayMe gives you daily opportunities to complete surveys they match you with, based on your profile. The amount of money you can make from each survey varies, each one is different, but the more you complete the more money you can make.
  • Offers: Another way you can earn is by completing paid offers which you can find on the offer wall. This is a regularly updated list of simple tasks (like clicking ads or signing up for third party sites) that you can complete to rack up some extra points in your account.
  • Contests: The 20 most active members within the platform qualify for a quarterly prize draw that varies from $350 for first prize, $250 for second prize and $100 for third prize, all the way down to the 20th most active member who gets $10.
  • Other methods: Aside from completing surveys, tasks and taking part in contests, there’s a bunch of other ways you can earn rewards too. Such as getting cash back on your shopping, inviting friends to join the platform and you can earn $1 to post your payment proof online.

All in all, provides a lot of different ways for members to earn. But when you boil it down, it’s mostly about completing surveys and simple, repetitive tasks.

How Do You Get Paid? pays users via PayPal, Skrill or Bitcoin.

And the cool thing about this site is that the payment threshold is very low, you only need to earn $1 to cash out, and they typically pay you within 8 hours of requesting your money.

It may take a little longer the first time though, as they may need to verify your account to make sure you are who you say you are. But after that it doesn’t take very long to get paid.

Another cool thing is that, unlike many survey sites out there, you can see your account earnings going up in actual dollars, not just points. This makes it simple to keep track of what you’ve earned and when it’s time to cash out.

How Much Can You Earn?

The short answer is, not much.

The typical survey pays between $0.50 to $2 which is about the going rate, but one thing you don’t really find out until you’ve been doing this sort of thing for awhile, like I have, is that there’s generally a lot of downtime between each survey.

So even though each survey only takes 5-10 minutes or so, it’s not like you get one survey after another. It can actually be quite hit and miss. And when you factor in the time it takes to qualify for a survey, fill it out, and get to the next one, you’d be lucky to make $1 an hour on average.

The same goes for doing the tasks. While some tasks can pay more than others, actually getting these opportunities consistently can be a real challenge.

You definitely can earn cash and rewards from SuperpayMe, but I wouldn’t expect to be making much. I’ve tested 100’s of survey sites and they are virtually ALL the same. So this isn’t a bad reflection on SuperpayMe by any means, it’s just the way these sites are.

Is SuperpayMe Legit?

Yes, SuperpayMe is definitely a legitimate site.

As with most of these sites, some people claim they didn’t get paid, but these complaints appear to be in the minority. Some of them might be valid, but if someone doesn’t get paid it’s often because they didn’t follow the guidelines to qualify or in some cases, tried cheating.

Why do they pay you to complete surveys anyway – what’s in it for them?

The reason sites like SuperpayMe pay you to complete surveys and other tasks is that they are partnered with third party companies who are looking for market research data.

Put simply, they want your opinion about stuff and they’ll pay you for it.

Companies want to know what people think about their products and how they interact with their websites and apps etc. And to access this information, they pay, who in turn shares some of their revenue with you, the user. So, my point is, it’s a legitimate setup that (ideally) benefits all involved.


  • There are lots of opportunities to earn each day
  • It’s not all about surveys, there are other ways to earn
  • They pay you quickly via PayPal or Skrill
  • Low threshold to cash out ($1)


  • Can be difficult to qualify for enough surveys
  • The overall earning potential is very low
  • You end up getting lots of annoying emails by joining

Bottom Line

SuperpayMe is a rewards site that pays you to complete surveys and other tasks, such as clicking on ads, watching videos and downloading apps. It’s definitely legit and could be a good option if you’re looking to earn a few extra bucks here and there.

And overall it has some great things going for it, especially compared with other sites I’ve reviewed. For example, they pay you really quickly and the payment threshold is super low.

That said, it’s not a good way to earn real money in my opinion.

I mean, you may earn a few extra bucks.

But chances are you’ll quit within a few days or weeks, simply because you’re spending so much time to earn so little money. I guess if you’re really persistent, you might be able to earn a dollar or two an hour on average, but I wouldn’t count on it.

If that’s the case, then why do so many review blogs recommend these sites?

Because most review blogs that recommend you join these types of sites are promoting them. So, if you join a site like SuperpayMe through their affiliate link, they earn a commission.

That’s why, towards the end of their “review,” you’ll often see a “join now” link. They want you to join through their affiliate link, so they earn commissions for referring you to these sites.

I refuse to do that, though.

I’m not affiliated with SuperpayMe or any other survey site for that matter. So I’m not going to recommend you join, just so that I can earn referral commissions. I’d rather share my opinion as I have in this review, and leave it up for you to decide what’s right for you.