Website ATM Review (Legit or Scam?)

Hello and welcome to my Website ATM review.

I discovered Website ATM while researching different ways to make money online. The Website ATM video claims the system can help you make $500 per day or more without putting any effort in. Apparently, all you need to do is click a few buttons and watch the cash pour in.

My initial instinct was that it sounded too good to be true. But I was curious, so I decided to take a closer look to see if it was a scam or real way to make money online.

In summary… Website ATM isn’t a total scam because you do get something in return for your money, a (very) basic ecommerce website. But there are lots of extra costs involved in actually making money with this system, and many of the claims are completely overhyped.

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In any case, let’s take a closer look at what Website ATM is all about, how it works and who’s behind it, to help you decide if it’s worth joining or not.

Website ATM Review – What’s It All About?

According to the Website ATM presentation, Website ATM is a push button that helps you make $500 per day without putting any effort in. Apparently, the system floods your account with cash each and every day and all you need to do is collect the money it makes you.

Sound a little too good to be true?

That’s because it is.

In reality, Website ATM is $47 program that gives you a simple ecommerce style website. This website is essentially “done for you” in that it’s basically a ready-made template.

So to be fair, it’s technically not a scam (I guess).

Because you do get something in return for your money, a basic cookie-cutter website. But there are SO many things wrong with this that I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start with the main ones…

First of all, the website you get is nothing special at all. It’s a very basic (barebones) template and nowhere near ready to start making money, let alone $500 per day.

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Second, the training is virtually non-existent. So you’re not going to have a clue how to build out your site properly, how to make money with it, or how to get traffic. Which is critical to making money online, without traffic (people visiting your site) it’s impossible to make any money at all.

Third, there’s a big upselling component to this. The main idea behind the system is to essentially get people to buy at the low $47 price point, then push a bunch of upsells on you once you join. So by the time you’re done buying all the other products you need to make this work, you could easily be out $100’s or even $1,000’s before ever earning a dime.

Fourth, the Website ATM website uses a lot of hype to convince people to join. The whole thing leads you to believe you’ll get rich quick which sets you up with unrealistic expectations, which inevitably leads to disappointment, because it’s pure BS.

I could go on, but let me sum it up by saying that this is not a legitimate system and that most of the claims being made are complete and utter nonsense.

How Does Website ATM Work?

First and foremost, Website ATM is not a push button system that makes you money on complete autopilot. This is just what they claim in the video to sell you their $47 program.

How it really works is you get a generic ecommerce style website with very little training on what to actually do with it, unless you’re willing to give them even more money for higher priced training. But I’m not convinced that would be much more help either.

The issue with programs like Website ATM is that they’re (in reality) setup to benefit the people running it. They are the ones making all the money when people buy their “system” and continue buying all the upsells they promote after joining.

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Unfortunately, that’s just how sites like this work.

They use all kinds of hype to sell you on the idea of getting rich quick, without putting any effort in. But despite what the site claims, I doubt anyone is making real money with this.

Not just because of what I’ve already mentioned, but because the testimonials on the site are look like they might be fake since they’re using stock photos.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the testimonials on the site:

Website ATM scam

Now here’s proof it’s a stock photo:


They also use other clever marketing tricks to get people to join like pretending “spots are limited” when they’re not. And even though none of this makes it a scam as such, it does show that the they’re willing to go to any length to get as many people to join as possible.

Which is odd because if it really was such an amazing system, that makes literally anyone who joins $500 per day or more, then why are they so desperate to get people to join?

It makes no sense.

Who’s Behind Website ATM?

The person in the Website ATM videos says his name is “Nick Harvey” and that he was an accountant, before becoming an online millionaire success story.

I’ve reviewed a lot of programs over the years, and I’ve seen just about every trick in the book, so I wasn’t all that convinced by his story. Especially since he never shows his face in the video, you basically get a narrated sales pitch and what looks like a stock photo of him and his family.

I guess it could be real, but from everything else I’ve seen, I’m not convinced.

In reality, anyone could be running Website ATM.

And my guess is it’s probably some clever internet marketer somewhere, who decided it was easier to make money scamming people than running a legitimate business.

Is Website ATM a Scam?

On one hand, Website ATM isn’t a scam because you do get something in return for your $47, a basic ecommerce style website. So technically I guess it’s not a scam.

But on the other hand, paying $47 for a generic website template is pretty much a waste of money. Because in order to make money with a website, you need proper training on what to do with it and how to get traffic coming to your site, or you won’t make a dime.

None of which is provided to you.

So it’s virtually impossible to make money with it, especially as a beginner. At least not without spending $100’s or even $1,000’s more on the upsells they pitch you after joining.

But here’s the thing… there’s no need to do that.

Because there’s lots of legitimate site building platforms out there that’ll hook you up with a site for less than $50. And there are lots of great courses that teach you how to make money with a website. So why would you hand more money to people who’ve already misled you?

In any case, I know what goes into creating a successful site and making money with it, because I earn a full time income with a website.

Which is how I know that the most important thing is NOT the website itself – it’s actually what you put into your site (content) and getting quality traffic (visitors) to your site. That’s how you make money, by learning how to setup a profitable site and get people to visit it.

You don’t make money by setting up a generic site that does nothing but sit there. And that’s essentially what Website ATM gives you. It’s definitely not a system that pumps out $500 per day on autopilot, that is complete and utter nonsense.

Bottom Line

Website ATM claims to be a push button system that helps you make $100’s per day online without putting any effort in. The site makes all kinds of misleading claims but what you actually get is nothing like this and I seriously doubt any real person is making money with this.

In reality, the only people benefiting from Website ATM are the ones selling it to you. And not just the $47, but from the subsequent upsells they push on those who join.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I won’t be recommending Website ATM because I don’t believe it will help you make any money online at all, let alone hundreds of dollars per day. And there are far better, more ethical programs out there that actually work.